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DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: August 1st (It’s all about 7’s & bathhouses.)

Hello everybody! I’ve taken time out of watching women’s gymnastics (don’t ask), women’s volleyball (don’t ask), women’s swimming (don’t ask), and men’s basketball and the Olympics in general to bring back my “images of the week” posts. Since I came back from my hiatus, I’ve had trouble figuring things out. The straight forward part was catching up and finishing shows I was engaged with before I disappeared. I’m generally caught up with Fairy Tail and Gundam AGE. I’ve finished Symphogear (damn fun). And the showmen manga scene doesn’t move very briskly, so I’ve had no trouble keeping up there.

The real trouble comes with the new stuff, and the blog itself. Before I disappeared I had a plan, but right now it’s not so clear. I’ve made my attempts at episodic blogging. And while I enjoyed talking about certain shows up until a point, it’s very hard for me to push out thoughts that aren’t more than moldy unique from what I’ve said the week before on a series (Mouretsu Space Pirates, I blame you). And I. Definitely not the type to push out an editorial post twice a week. So for now, please bear with me as I figure things out. Right now, these special “images of the week” posts are the most comfortable and unique things I can push out. “Viva la Pervy Images of the Week!”

Anime Images of the Week

When it comes to anime, I’ve found my groove again with a select few series.  Eureka SeveN AO is likely the top of that list.  I get the same amount of nervous excitement from that show that I haven’t gotten since Mawaru PenguinDrum.  Though AO is hardly as aggressively cryptic, mysterious and pensive as that series. So it’s strangely up my alley, something the original wasn’t.  Though like the original E7, it’s not a show that will be fully appreciated by mecha anime novices.  And also like that series, it’s drawing a line in the sand when it comes to fans and their appreciation of certain characters.  Despite all that, I can still.  Highly recommend this series to any and everyone who enjoys anime, or would like to give the medium a shot.

Long before AO, there was Gundam AGE (perhaps not that long ago); and while it’s not even my favorite Gundam running now (that honor goes to Gundam Unicorn), it’s still one of my favorite watches from week to week.  Now has has been the trend since Gundam SEED Destiny, these shows tend to take strange dips in the enjoyment column before they finish.  And Kio’s “Second Moon” arc was a serious test of my patience.  That said, the show is in its final run.  All the remaining elements are quickly being rolled together, and in true Gundam form, the villain’s masterplan makes NO FUCKING SENSE.  I hope for the bitter “tears of time” before it’s all done (don’t I always?), though this late season homage to Kira Yamato and the Strike Freedom Gundam has me seriously worried.

I remember making the promise that 2011 was gonna be the year of Macross, but that was a considerable failure.  But 2012 might be the true year of Macross.  I’ve managed to just finish the Macross Plus OVA, and it was superb fun!  And easy to get into despite the usual Macross weirdness.  It’s probably a show nearly as recommendable as Cowboy Bebop, or Ninja Scroll. It’s just got that kind of appeal.  And since I mentioned Macross weirdness, I just started Macross 7.  Oh hell.  I don’t know if I’ll be blogging it episodically (it is a relatively long show), or doing periodic Check-in posts.  That’s mainly because after one episode I don’t have a clue whether I love it or hate it.  It’s insane!  Plus the added weirdness that comes from seeing Basara and feeling he’s the anime embodiment of Ghostlightning.

The third thing I’ve been watching consistently is Rinne no Lagrange.  It’s weird, this ball of what I thought was fluff, and potentially the downfall of all mecha anime should it be successful, has been a decent… eh, enjoyable watch.  I actually look forward to it!  I’ve said thus many times before.  This is NOT a mecha anime.  I won’t accept it as such.  The action and mecha designs are terrible!  But like I’ve said before, the production values are outstanding, and the characters are decent enough.  Plus I’m a sucker for a decent mystery.  And finding out exactly what is going on with these near god-like machines is enough to keep me around.

I will say I’m disappointed with a few things in the second season.  Namely, I don’t care for the opening or ending themes, at all.  And I’m disappointed in the world building of the show.  Lagrange makes Kamogawa look like a wonderful, beautiful and spectacular place; but I really wish that we got to see a little more of the world’s reaction and adjustment to the change and truth of having humans from outer space show up on their doorstep.  Too much of this beautiful show is played out in a bubble.  Maybe with the change of scene to the planet nation of Le Garite, my complaints and concerns will be addressed.

The final show I’m consistently watching is Kimi ni Todoke season 2.  Though I don’t think I’ll be episodically blogging this.  Things just move to slowly episode to episode.  And the kids in this show just haven’t gotten any less stupid.  A good laid back, and easy watch though.  Give it a shot.

Manga Images of the Week

Big 3 time!  So let’s get this out of the way.  Despite Naruto being the more successful show that’s hurtling towards its conclusion (whether that be in a year or four is anyone’s guess), it is Bleach that is kicking ass.  It feels as if Kubo is spending less time with stare downs, bad and ill-timed humor, and his precious white space.  The near wholesale slaughter of the Gotei 13 is also a good reason to believe that things are extra serious now, too.  I sincerely hope that Bleach will finally stop sandbagging some of its characters, and let go of some of its precious secrets finally.  Some say Bleach hasn’t been at its best for a long time.  That it’s been mired in mediocrity since the end of the Soul Society arc.  I’d like to believe it can make a comeback.

As for the rest of the manga, Hunter X Hunter is still on hiatus (BOOOOOO!).  One Piece is doing alright, and I’ve been sneaking reads of Fairy Tail in for awhile now.  But what really has gotten my attention is that Hajime no Ippo is finally moving Ippo to the world stage now!  I love Hajime no Ippo, it’s probably my favorite manga right now.  But I’ve grown tired of the same faces challenging each other and fighting.  It’s time for Ippo to give up his title to his protégé and move up the ranks, directly.  I can pretty much guarantee some legendary fights in the pipeline soon.  I’m also glad to be getting consistent chapters of Team Medical Dragon now.  I can’t recommend this manga enough.  I just hope there aren’t any more breaks in the release schedule.  Because I yearn month to month for that good hospital drama!  Call me crazy, I don’t care!

Pervy Images of the Week

I was finally able to get back to reading my pervy manga gain, which was a major reason why I’m doing “images of the week” posts again.  I can’t do a blog post like this without the pervy pics.

First off, Nana to Kaoru is getting pretty freaky at the point where I’m reading now.  I’m just gonna say that there have got to be easier ways to lower a fever, though they’re probably not as “plot convenient” as this one.  Matter of fact, what they’re going to do is probably going to exasperate the damn fever!  Oh well, manga’s not meant to make sense.

Then there’s Yuria 100 Shiki, the epitome of a manga that doesn’t make any damn sense.  Bringing a living sex toy to an expo for sex toys probably could’ve been exploited for more unique fun and laughs, but I’ve never held this manga to too high a standard.  I’m just a little disappointed to see it not try to exceed it.  The same goes for Girl Friends, it just keeps going.  But it doesn’t try to do anything to unique.  It just dangles the carrot in front of the reader, and expects them to chase it all the way to end, which is exactly what I’m doing now.  *sigh* The things I’ll do for my love of lesbians….

The one pervy manga that does seem to impress me is My Lovely Ghost Kana. It’s just a good plain…  Well maybe not plain fun.  It is about the sexual love affair between a guy and a ghost.  But I will say that it is an enjoyable, endearing read.  I don’t see anyway for this relationship to end well, but I hope they enjoy the ride.

And I hope every and anyone reading this enjoyed my images for the first week in August.  Hopefully, I can get around to finally watching that forty second episode of Gundam AGE that still hasn’t been subbed, yet.  And then perhaps I can knock out some other anime while Eureka SeveN AO is on its three week Olympic hiatus.  Until next week, have a good time and watch good anime!

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