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Rinne no Lagrange ep16: the apple cart rolls over.

[Rinne no Lagrange ep15]

Rinne no Lagrange is a shifty series.  Not in the way that Eureka Seven AO is, that whole series’ goal seems to be to keep the audience off balance.  And it’s not shifty in the way that it tells a subtle story that makes you wonder what certain character’s motivations are.  Aside from a select few characters, everyone is very straightforward with their goals and ambitions in this series.  Lagrange is shifty because it has never really allowed us a villain.  In the first season we get Villagulio, but it’s all misdirected.  He’s only half of the problem.  He’s very likable (aside from the Muginami abuse), and has been badly screwed over himself.  King Dizelmine of Le Garite seems to be the easy choice this season, but I’m also not so sure at this point either.  Are they both being manipulated, or is this really a case of two personalities that just can’t budge on their ideals?

This episode was supposed to be about Dizelmine and Villagulio getting together and working out a compromise on the “One Thousand Year Problem”.  But in reality, this episode is all about the woman who has been haunting this series since the season 1 ended, or maybe even the entire series itself, Yurikano.  She’s connected to everybody. The trio of clowns working in Kamogawa are beholden to her.  She’s the princess of De Metrio, and Villagulio’s real sister (sorry Muginami).  And somehow she’s also the apparition that haunts Madoka and her Vox.  It’s out in the open now.  The waves this makes in these characters’ lives are huge.  And all this time, Dizelmine has been keeping her presence under wraps.  It’s oh so very suspect.

Asteria’s plans to get the two feuding rulers to work through their problem through common understanding, and the obvious trick of a elevator breakdown, were admirable.  But they were oh so quickly and easily doomed by Yurikano literally crashing the party.  It looked like it may have made progress, too.  But that would have been way too simple.

In the end, the conference is ruined by Yurikano’s presence.  Her lack of memory, coupled with her blind loyalty to Villagulio’s arch nemesis has raised tensions immensely.  And in the end, I don’t think Dizelmine, or that snaky butler, Moid mind at all.  Like I said, oh so suspect.

The episode ends with Madoka and Muginami joining Lan as she tags along back to Le Garite with her brother in the WORST disguises.  I’m absolutely amazed they were able to get away in those things.  Of course they didn’t fool Dizelmine or Moid for a moment.  I don’t think they care anyway.  Afterall, this probably just makes their jobs easier.  They undoubtedly have huge plans for Madoka on their planet.

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