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Macross 7 ep1: listen to my song, dammit!

Where do I start with this show?  The goofiness?  The music?  The numb skull bridge bunnies?  The in-flight lobotomies?  The fact that the early 2000’s are always so much more exciting/apocalyptic in science fiction?  Or maybe I should start by saying that this was actually pretty awesome despite my mountain of misgivings?

The episode starts out with a concert.  And a very quiet Basara hanging like a bat from some metal girdle about 50 yards away in the woods. Strange.  They just keep playing, and he just keeps hanging out.  Also, there appears to be some little blonde girl who’s a big fan of Basara’s, but she’s not important right now.  There’s also some blue-haired dude who is content to watch.  He appears important, too.  Oh well, Basara finally hops down from on high.  We got a concert to soak in, and enjoy.  Well, I don’t much care for the music.  So let’s move on.

The blue-haired dude gets some sort of signal in his car and he’s off.  Alright!  That’s the first sign of action! He’s not very old, so you can imagine my surprise when I find out he’s the captain, and his name is Max!  Then I think that him being a captain with that pedigree is a huge waste of piloting talent.

It looks like the Macross has run into an untamed faction of Zentradi.  I love their transformable mechs, in and out of plane mode.  Bad ass.  They’re kicking ass mostly, as Valkyrie after Valkyrie gets slaughtered.  The only weird thing is that the Zentradi aren’t killing the pilots for some reason.  They’re just shooting lasers into their foreheads, and that appears to make them dumb.  That kinda reminds me of what Scirrocco did to Kamille Bidan, except this is more planned, less spur-of-the-moment desperation and anger.

I also like the elite human pilots’ machines as well, it looks like they took inspiration from the old stealth fighter, the F-117 Nighthawk.  Slick.  I don’t believe they transformed during the episode though.  What a shame.

All this fighting, and the bridge crews’ idiotic misinterpretation of orders was enough to get the attention of the people at the concert.  Then again, it’s hard to keep a concert going when all the power gets shut off.  And apparently this is Basara’s golden opportunity.  His golden opportunity to run for a long time, hop into a big red Valkyrie with a face, and shoot speakers at everybody so he can sing his damn song.  My head then proceeds to drop onto my desk.  That’s pretty much the end of the episode give or take a few details.

It seems like an unspoken rule that a really good drummer has to be either really badass, or insane.  Or both!  I really liked the drummer in that band.  She looks like she could kick some ass.

Overall, this looks like it’s going to be a really weird series.  Hell, I don’t know how long I could possibly stand this series.  Perhaps Macross 7 is the Macross metaverses’ G Gundam, a really quirky show, that in the end turns out to excel at what the overall franchise is known for?  I’d be interested to find out.

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  2. -chii-
    August 8, 2012 at 22:49

    macross 7 is totally macross’s g gundam of gundam~

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