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Rinne no Lagrange ep15: personal and malevolent.

[Rinne no Lagrange ep14]

The god robot genre of anime has always been one that took especially personal interest in its characters, their bodies and their psyche. Some even find time to take claim of their souls. But I have to say that Rinne no Lagrange has a rather unique and feminine approach to it. It also explains why Madoka has so much damn energy. But be careful what you ask for when you unleash the power of a virgin (Comic-con motto?).

Rinne no Lagrange never misses a beat in showing off the beauty and homeliness of Kamogawa. But behind all the festivities and excitement, Lan (woof) and Muginami are more than a little uneasy about the upcoming conference between their brother and governments. That’s when Asteria approaches the three girls with a proposition. It looks like the convo between her and Madoka’s cousin has born fruit. Despite seeing the dangers of Le Garite’s Vox Particle Control experiments on Lan, from Lan, she wants to use that same experiment to prove that Midori and the other Voxes can be useful for peaceful methods and means. Lan doesn’t seem particularly excited about it, but Madoka sees hope and grasps the opportunity to make her friends happy.

And so we’re brought to a very familiar, Evangelion-like place. Pharos is prepped and Madoka begins Asteria’s experiment in the stratosphere. Unfortunately, Madoka is a very unique, mentally tough girl who isn’t stimulated by the false stress put on her. The experiment has to be halted for a moment while a new approach is worked out. Asteria states that besides the three usual stimuli for intense emotion, there’s still shame. She points out that Madoka is a virgin (duh!) and begins emotionally undresses her to the very core. It works. Oh boy does it work!

Unfortunately (again), the Vox runs out of control. And now a new Rinne begins appearing in the sky, a very red one. On top of that, both Le Garite and De Metrio have caught notice of this insanity. The Vox takes off on its own into space and is cut off from all communication. This is when the mysterious woman Madoka talked to during the last Rinne appears again. Except she’s much different this time. A blood red ghost of anger is what appears in front of her now. Screaming at Madoka over her actions. Choking her for her mistake. It seems that as the world watches, only Kirius has a notion of what’s going on. Madoka is eventually able to close the event, but not without nearly being choked out.

When Madoka regains control of her senses she and we see the incredible destruction its caused. It appears that Earth itself is actually encircled by a ring of the Rinne flowers. And all this is on display for the warring factions come to Earth for the conference. Way to go Asteria. Way to go Madoka.

We get a curious moment near the end of the episode where a young girl who mirrors the woman Madoka talked to is on King Dizelmine of Le Garite’s flagship with him.

I have a natural affection for episodes like these, especially when they go dark. It appears that even while Asteria attempts to understand the Voxes and their powers, she’s putting the entire planet in danger. It’s an interesting trade-off, and I will be interested to see how the smug little loli deals with her failure and the powerful personalities that are visiting her. Though my favorite part is likely the scene where Asteria embarrasses Madoka by talking about sex. Just funny, and the visuals reminded me of a similar scene from Azumanga Daioh and a few other anime where something embarrassing and sexual is talked about, and the director uses all these innuendo filled, but ultimately innocent images to help demonstrate the point without letting anyone actually hear what the character is saying.

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