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Macross Plus OVA pt3: it’s not about planes, it’s about hearts

It takes a real unique sort of person to be a test pilot.  All sorts of traits like courage, creativity, independence, quick thinking.  But such an extreme sort of person has to have some negatives.  And I don’t imagine those sort of negatives make you a great person to be around. That’s what part three of Macross Plus is appears to be pointing out.  For as awesome as these guys can be, they’re jerks.  And they’re broken.  And I don’t think the woman of their dreams, Myung is any different.  She’s just tired of it all.

Looks like that insane duel from part two took its toll on Isamu.  He didn’t just lose, he was decimated by Guld and starts the episode almost in traction.  But I suppose if you’re gonna wake up from a beating like that, having Myung hanging out is a good healer.  I mean it.  When Isamu regains consciousness he doesn’t waste much time getting out and about.  He and Myung have a discussion in the forest, but all it seems to is further detail the differences they have.  Isamu persistently poking and prodding her and her way of thinking, trying in the most abrasive way possible to win her over.  And Myung just as stubbornly denying him any progress.  It doesn’t matter though, eventually Isamu loses interest and chases a flying dinosaur…. *sigh* Oh Macross!  Oh anime!  Oh Japan!

While they’re doing that, Guld is under inquiry from top brass over what is without a doubt a huge disaster.  Guld and Colonel Johnson blow smoke up everyone’s ass, and surprisingly the brass is ready to buy.  Or they just strangely don’t care much.

After Isamu’s day of “recovery” and Guld’s day of “grilling” they end up running into each other and the traditional fireworks between the two commence.  Myung stupidly jumps in between the two of them and gets Isamu’s fist as a reward.  It’s enough to get the two to stop fighting, but just barely.  Myung then goes on to tell the two idiots about how much she envies them for still be able to live their dreams, while she lives what she believes to be a hollow farce.  Revealing her true mastery behind Sharon Apple.  Oh & the cliche and traditional rainstorm during a crisis pops up.

Myung finds out that Sharon is leaving for a big concert on Earth, so it appears her time there is done.  The accompanying scene with her and Guld is nice, but I could never really feel any chemistry between them.  Still it was a nice scene as we see her shedding tears on the flight out.

Things change for everyone involved in the test fighter project, as well.  Turns out the program has been struck down in favor of a completed project involving a top secret A.I. controlled fighter.  No one is happy, understandibly Yang is just as pissed off as the pilots.

Cue the insanity.  In a few breaths, it seems the lead scientist on the Sharon Apple project goes homicidal and evil “geniusy”.  Sharon Apple goes completely rogue and tentacle gropy on her former master Myung.  And Isamu and Yang go suicidal, hijacking the YF-19 and folding towards Earth to disrupt the concert and ceremony.  Don’t worry though, Guld makes it a priority to hunt down Isamu in the YF-21, so everyone’s gonna be there for the party.  This going to be insane.

The episode was an effective break from the high intensity action and constant dick waving of Isamu and Guld.  And I liked getting to see Myung interact one on one with both Isamu and Guld.  It really makes things clear to me.  Myung truly loves Isamu.  It just doesn’t quite click between her and Guld.  Still, you gotta admire the guy’s drive and determination.  He’s a stonewall, and truly believes in what he’s doing.  But he seems even more doomed to me right now than the naturally suicidal Isamu.  With a rogue A.I. running around next episode, and an unmanned A.I. controlled fighter in attendance, along with a full-sized Macross…. well, I expect full fireworks for the final act.  And plenty of kick ass music, too.


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