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Kimi ni Todoke S2 ep2: “Love is all about timing.” And yours is terrible! Just terrible!

While episode two started around Valentine’s Day, episode two skips us ahead to April, the beginning of Sawako’s sophomore session of school. And true to standard anime form, most everyone has been kept together. Seeing as how Pin is the homeroom teacher, it can’t be a coincidence. What does appear to be a coincidence, or providence, may be the appearance of that blonde guy who found Sawako so interesting last episode, Kento. Kento Miura. And as I said before, I hope this is the start of a beautiful rivalry. The atmosphere of this show is great, but it could always use a good kick in the pants.

There’s not much to say for this episode in total.  Kimi ni Todoke has always been a leisurely paced show. And in the end this episode can be summed up with Kento’s obvious interest with Sawako.  Shota’s obvious notice of his obvious noticing of Sawako.  Shota’s obvious attempts to step up his game and patch up the communication gap with Sawako after school.  And Sawako obviously choking under the slightest pressure… obviously.  Oh and by the way, Kento seeing Shota leave the room with Sawako still in it and putting their obvious chemistry together.  But this obviously isn’t going to be handled quickly.

Though it pains me to see Sawako fudge up every opportunity to progress socially, it does give us a chance to hopefully see Shota progress as a character that can be more interesting, and hopefully less perfect.

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