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Gundam AGE ep41: I heart you – Asem-u!

It’s been a week, and I think I’ve recovered from the projectile vomiting fit I suffered as a result of Kio Asuno channelling the spirit of my mortal enemy, Jesus Yamato. Though I haven’t given up! I still believe this show is gonna pull itself out of the bin and… wait. What is that? Is that a flashback? Is that another flashback? *HRRRGH!* Uh, excuse me. I need to find a lavatory…

Something about this just scream “DEATH FLAG” to me.

Episode forty-one of Gundam AGE gives us a recap of the opening moments of the lunar base invasion. We’re then treated to some nice combat on the surface of the moon. Kio is still beheading Vagan grunts left and right. And the Abis Team he’s accompanying is doing well, too. I have to say. He doesn’t play a large role, but I like Seric Abis as a character. It’s just nice to see a competent grunt and leader who isn’t necessarily an ace and doesn’t exhibit any Newtype powers, so far as I can tell anyway.

We’re then treated to a somewhat lengthy flashback of Kio’s lowest moments, when he was captured by the Vagan and living on Second Moon.  I swear that dead little girl gets more screentime than any of the Asuno love interests or wives.  Is it wrong to hate someone for dying?  Or should I really just point my anger at Kio for being such a naive idiot?

The Federation forces are doing quite well, pushing their way past the Vagan defenses bit by bit.  It’s not nearly enough for the vengeance hungry Flit though.  And speaking of Asunos, Asemu shows up in his pirate ship. It’s pretty clear he’s not there to observe.  He’s gonna protect Kio at all costs.

The Federation, and more importantly Kio’s progress has gotten Zeheart’s attention. And he plans to join the battle.  This is when the mysterious blonde chick who has been standing near him and Fram makes her move.  Her name is Girard (spelling?) Spriggan.  She wants a shot at the AGE-FX, but Zeheart manages to talk her down, on the condition that she can join in should he fail.  Fram picks up on her murderous intent, or maybe she sees Zeheart’s future for a moment, but she decides to follow him to the mobile suit deck and back him up.  Her choice of custom mobile suit thought leaves me with the impression that she’s doomed.  History has a way of eerily repeating itself in the Gundam metaverse.

After the break, Kio runs into Zeheart and Fram.  And we’re treated to a bit/funnel filled explosion.  Fram manages to secure a one on one duel with Kio while Zeheart is occupied with the Abis Team.

This is where I start getting a bit annoyed again, as Kio (after dominating the fight with Fram) decides to try to repair the bonds of human communication with Fram in the middle of combat.  I was somewhat glad to see that Fram isn’t so easily swayed in her convictions or trusting of a stranger that she’d lay down her mobile suit and walk away.  That’s just ridiculous.  She then proceeds to kick Kio’s ass in a rythmic gymnastic sort of fit.  I suppose that suit gives me a bit of a Noble Gundam flashback (G Gundam), butI had trouble not facepalming myself at the display.  It’s bad enough that she has bits/funnels that look like roses, and she pilots a pink mobile suit.  The twirling beam saber ribbon weapon was just too much….

Well the ass kicking continues until Asemu decides to pop in and snap Kio out of his funk.  The chase the fleeing Fram back to Zeheart and the Abis Team, and then the fireworks really get started.  It’s one of those rare moments in AGE where character relationships feel weighted and with some sense of history.  It was nice seeing these two best friends/rivals/lovers finally meet again.  Asemu tries to tell his old friend about Ezelcants true intentions, but Zeheart will hear none of it, thinking Asemu’s words are some form of poor psychological warfare.

The Asemu/Zeheart reunion is cut off though by the intervention of a new ace.  It looks like we get to see who is the pilot of that gold G-Bouncer-like mobile suit.  It’s Girard Spriggan, of course.  I like what they did using the red optical visor on the Gold G-Bouncer to make it look mad, or more menacing.  Simple.  But effective.

This episode left me evenly satisfied and frustrated.  There was the somewhat unnecessary recap at the beginning of the episode along with three or four flashbacks.  And I HATE that sort of thing, especially in bulk.  Then there was Kio’s “peacemaker” ways, I’ve already expressed my opinion on that.  But once those annoying chunks are passed over it went back to being a fun watch.  The combat is rarely spectacular, the animation a bit too cheap at times for me, but it’s still a solid show with good solid “Gundam bones”.

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s Girard’s deal, and I wonder what Gundam flashback she’ll give me.  I’m getting a lot of those now.  Gundam X, Gundam F91, G Gundam and so on.  She has to hearken back to someone or something.  And I’m not just talking about that Hyaku Shiki rip off either.  I also want to see how long it takes Ezelcant’s true intentions to spread through the ranks.  I’m sure whatever understanding that causes among the troops, Flit’s thirst for vengeance will threaten to ruin it.

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