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Eureka Seven AO ep14: I spit at your expectations!

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Well, I THOUGHT I knew what was going on, but Astral Ocean appears to be no more cut and dry than its sibling.  It’s a plot-crossover.  Leading us entirely one way and then just as quickly shifting things before we can adjust.  Though the logical extremes of this series seem to be taking shape more quickly this time around (makes sense with the shorter series and all).  And the plot seems to less mysterious, and more messy.  Still, I continue to happily watch.

The first ten or so minutes of this episode were not stop action and insanity.  Ao desperately trying to get his mother the hell out of dodge; Truth simultaneously throwing a fit and gleefully reveling in the chaos.  That sneaky little bastard from the Japanese military scooping up his prize amid said chaos.  And everyone else just sort of flailing about, grasping for an understanding of the situation.  I guess you could lump most of the viewing audience into that last group as well.  And before I forget, it seems Elena has murderous intentions towards Eureka (unless she was trying to hug her with the tip of her IFO) and somehow no one notices despite the fact she’s screaming in her cockpit.

The scuffle is elevated by the Nirvash dumping Eureka before they can escape into the pillar of light, to take down Truth, and the appearance of a Secret (one that looks very much like the one in the flashback last episode) from the Scub Burst.  After a scene very reminiscent of one from the original Eureka Seven (and that was an homage to the original Macross), the Mark I’s secret locks are released by Eureka, taking down the new Secret, and allowing Eureka to sprout those dazzling butterfly (or Corralian) wings and head back home.  Before she leaves though, she drops a bombshell.  She asks Ao why he called her mother (because there’s always time for one more question in a crisis, if it pushes the plot forward).  And he merely responds by saying that he wishes her a healthy baby.  But she’s not having a boy, she says she’s expecting a girl.  At this point, my eyes went a tad cross-eyed.

Eureka’s comment leads Ao on short quest for answers.  And that dead Secret is then later picked up by the sneaky Japanese military officer for purposes to be revealed later.

We’re also treated to an interesting flashback scene by Naru.  Apparently when she was swallowed up by the Scub Coral, it started telling her their whole background story.  It looks like she’s developed a new found understanding of what they are and what they desire.  Though when she emerges, the results aren’t what I expected.  She picked up by the Okinawan staff working around that Coral and brought to the hospital, where Ao is lead, searching for answers regarding Eureka and Naru.  The Naru we see now is definitely not the same one that initially melded with the Coral.  Those cold eyes and that tone of voice give the impression of someone with a purpose and knowledge.  But she definitely doesn’t feel friendly.  When talking to Ao, she reveals what she learned when communicating with the Coral.  And of course as some important info is said, we can’t hear her voice and they’re interrupted by that Japanese military guy again (what a busy body).  Ugh!  He takes Ao, Naru and the Mark I into custody, using the shock of the retrieved Secret and his theory on its goals to catch the world off guard.  Of course Naru is able to escape his grasp in a few minutes, and Ao also escapes due to the dumbfounded soldiers standing around, gawking at Naru’s escape (incompetents).

And this leads to what I think is the most interesting scene in the episode.  And that’s saying a lot.  Naru retrieves the Nirvash from the ocean floor during her escape, talks to Truth for a bit and then flies over to meet Ao as he escapes in his busted Mark I.  Naru wants Ao to leave the Mark I and leave with her in the Nirvash.  However, Ao says that he wants Naru to get out of the Nirvash so he can protect her.  This doesn’t sit well with her and she gets hostile, pulling one of the Nirvash’s blades on him.  She flies off after stating that she wanted to fly with Ao, not be embraced by him.


These have been some extremely interesting episodes this past month, and there is a lot to digest.  Eureka’s reveal that she’s pregnant with Naru just further muddles the show’s timeline in my head.  Perhaps Eureka isn’t coming from another time, but another dimension entirely.  I have nothing to base this stuff on, since the show threw my simple ideas out the window.  It just brings back memories of how muddled the original Eureka Seven‘s ending was.

I’m most interested to see how the three-way relationship between Truth, Naru and Ao develops.  Before, it seemed as though Truth and Ao were fighting over the affections of a girl.  Truth was the rebellious biker dude who all the chicks dig; Ao was the nerdy good guy friend who probably spends most of his time in that dreaded “friendzone” and Naru is the naive childhood friend who fell for the rebellious dude because she found him to be so interesting.  But now it’s not that simple.  Naru appears to be on equal terms with her guy compatriots.  And I’m not entirely sure she and Truth are cool now.  The fact that she pilots the Nirvash now makes it especially interesting and dynamic.  I’m sure things will calm down after a month full of this insanity, but I still can’t wait for the next episode.

  1. July 22, 2012 at 13:07

    As you commented on WRL, the relationship between Truth, Ao, and Naru will be the game changer. What becomes of that is the course of the this show.

    • July 22, 2012 at 20:43

      And I didn’t think much about Elena and her possible relation to Eureka. I think she may be the X-factor for this show, even more so than Truth. We seem to know far less about her than anyone else. And looks like someone who could f*ck sh*t up later on in the story.

  2. July 23, 2012 at 04:00

    Well, I THOUGHT I knew what was going on: YEP! Same here…I was sure I had an idea as to what was going on, but noooooooooooope! Especially with Eureka’s reveal that she is having a girl? OH MY GOD! Whaaat!? Ah well at least it makes things interesting even though we are confused.

    I think you are onto something about the Eureka in this episode that she is probably from a whole other dimension! I think Naru screwed something up with the worlds or time lines, but I never really thought of her as Eureka’s daughter…hmmm…that is interesting stuff I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • July 23, 2012 at 23:04

      Hopefully it doesn’t get much more complicated than this, and the rest of the show works towards getting more answers, instead of introducing more questions. If it doesn’t, I may start watching this show under the influence.

      • July 23, 2012 at 23:32

        “I may start watching this show under the influence” LOLOLOL YES

  1. August 27, 2012 at 03:04

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