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Rinne no Lagrange ep14: friendships are woven, and re-woven, mouth to mouth

[Rinne no Lagrange ep13]

Thank you Rinne no Lagrange for continuing your trend of making me like and dismiss this show in what seems like a perpetual cycle. It seems like the situation between Le Garite and De Metrio is not so much an intractable one, so much as a pig-headed standoff. Thank goodness that with a little kissing and stubbornness of her own, Madoka can win anyone over to her side. Naruto style.  Now it’s just a matter of whether I can stand this show enough to get to the parts I like, because at this point I could care less if the warring parties in this show survive.

We start off right where the previous episode left off. Lan (woof!) and Muginami are slugging it out in big ugly mecha-sized mortal combat. And Madoka has finally gotten Midori to get up and moving. Unfortunately (and annoyingly), Vox Aura isn’t being very user friendly, as it seems to stubbornly have a mind of its own. Madoka never regains control of Midori and the fight is only broken up by the presence of the Le Garite occupational military. Muginami flees, Lan retreats, and Madoka is left very wet and frustrated by her friends and comrades.

Madoka gets the bright idea to directly contact Villagulio via the use of the normally useless three guys that used to work for him. It’s a boneheaded failure that gets her chewed out by her superiors. But upon learning that her friends haven’t fled Earth yet, she gets the idea to once again search Kamogawa for them.

We’re then treated to a scene in the Jersey Club room where LAN and Muginami meet. They both try to explain their positions, but that only causes tempers to flair again. It’s like they’re cute lil’ half-dressed mascots for their respective nations. All dumb and stubborn (that really is the key word for this post and this episode), and completely unable to step back and see the other’s point of view. Madoka having finally tracked them down pops in and gives them a big loving tackle. When they try to explain their positions to her and the tempers flair again, Madoka grabs their heads and makes them kiss, Muginami decides to play along as well, and fanboys start preordering their figures, just as soon as they find time to stop fapping. In the end, the levity brought by that move convinces the girls to put their trust in Madoka. Trust in her to bring their brothers together and possibly prevent the destruction of their friendship and possibly three planets.

I don’t have a problem with the goal or message of the episode, just a bit with the execution. It seemed much too simple to get two chicks who were on the verge of killing each other, to stand down and start giggling. Though at least in this episode we understand the situation between the two warring nations better. I can understand that the mutual destruction of their planets would cause tensions to rise. Though the idea of destroying one planet to save another is probably more trouble then it’s worth. With all the battling this stance has caused, it’s just time wasted that could have been used to evacuate the planets, and/or find a new home.

It doesn’t appear though that anything will be solved any time soon. I just hope this episode isn’t a sign that things will be solved so easily.

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