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So I Can’t Play H! ep1: I can see your fate (oh, that’s a clever title isn’t it?)

Not a bad, if standard first episode.  I honestly wasn’t expecting to even try to watching this show.  But I guess it’s a good thing to randomly give series a shot.  At the very least, I need one decent pervy anime to follow.

Basically, this show strikes me as Bleach with a pervy twist.  Kaga is the classic loser male protagonist with a golden heart.  He has this terrible habit of literally speaking his mind.  And he has a big boobed friend who he’s very protective of.  I have a feeling that whenever he gets in trouble in the future, she’ll start calling his name incessantly.  I haven’t remembered her name as of yet, because I I’m terrible at names.  Also, she doesn’t seem to be very consequential at the moment.  And the final character of note, Lisara.  The shinigami chick.  She seemed like a decent person at first.  At first.  But I have a feeling that she may become grating over time.

The twist to this show is that shinigami rely on the energy of people, and more specifically on the energy that they thrive on.  So Lisara runs into Kaga and sees him as a potentially convenient “snack” so to speak.  She doesn’t think much of his soul energy, but seeing as he’s a horny young guy, and she’s a hot chick, it can’t be that difficult a task for someone like her.  Kaga takes her home because well, he’s a horny young guy and she’s wet (it was raining, that kinda wet).

Well, after some pervy moments, a forced contract and more pervy moments, we get a random monster attack.  Lisara shuts out the area to those outside the house (think Bleach again, or Shakugan no Shana).  We get a sexy transformation sequence, a decent fight sequence, a lot of collateral damage, and a lot of perviness in the name of power.  Turns out that Kaga isn’t the weakling soul she thought.  When he gets horny, that energy is transfered to her because of their contract and she is able to vanquish the monster.  That’s right.  His lewd thoughts, his rubbing on her breasts, his boner all contribute to her fighting potential.  Oh Japan!

That’s it.  That’s So I Can’t Play H! episode one in a nutshell.  I have no idea if I’m gonna keep swimming in these waters, but I do need a pervy show.  I suppose I’ll give this one or two more episodes.  I can’t promise more than that.

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