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Rinne no Lagrange ep13: pining away, faffing about.

[Rinne no Lagrange ep12]

It seems like I’ve been gone awhile from this franchise, but really it’s only been a couple of months.  The same can be said for Madoka.  But that doesn’t mean a lot hasn’t changed in that short amount of time.  One can find themselves in new circumstances, with a new job, or find themselves going in or out of rough spot in their lives.  In Madoka’s case, she’s just trying to deal with normal high school student circumstances.  She’s a senior, so she needs to choose a career path, immediately.  She’s juggling club responsibilies and a part-time job.  And her giant robot isn’t speaking to her.  And her two best friends are trying to kill each other and possibly her with their own giant robots.  Also flowers that fall from the sky may destroy the world.  Hello Rinne no Lagrange, glad to see you’re back!

All in all, the episode was all about catching up with the world since the earth shattering events of episodes eleven and twelve.  It’s about reconnecting.  Not just for Madoka, but for the audience as well.  And the trend seems to be that if you expect progress in certain areas, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised at how little how change, or how badly it has changed.  Madoka has remained surprisingly stagnant, but Earth, and Kamogawa especially, has progressed nicely.  It seems that adjustments are being made and some of the “aliens” are settling in nicely.  All seems relatively peaceful.

When the story progresses to space, the situation seems to take a turn for the dour.  Lan is seen being experimented on by scientists under her brother’s command, and he’s cutting her no slack.  Seeing this scene made think that Madoka would surely punch him if she saw this.  It seems as though Lan has digressed a bit towards being a puppet of her brother.  We’re then treated to the surprise of Villagulio’s forces attacking the facility she’s being experimented on at.  It’s all too clear that Lan and Muginami are back at each other’s throats, more seriously than ever before.

Everything comes together perfectly when Pharos and its crew show up off the coast of Kamogawa.  It all leads to Madoka being forced to helplessly watch as her two best friends revisit her on Earth, only to draw swords at each other’s throats.  But at the very least, it’s enough to bring Midori out of slumber and get her into the air.

As stated in the beginning, this episode was all about reconnecting.  So everything played out in a cut-and-dry sort of way.  The opposing factions that drive Lan and Muginami are still at war, with the only sign of progress possibly being a summit scheduled to be held in Kamogawa soon.  Everything’s set up for season two to get moving in earnest next episode.  I’m anxious to see how things play out.  My guess and hope is that Madoka can bring the warring factions together under the banner of “we’re all human”, and that will allow her and her best friends to live in peace (or more if you like yuri shipping).

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