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Gundam AGE ep39: the old man’s lost it!

So my marathon of Gundam AGE is over and I’ve managed to catch up finally to the rest of the world.  Episodes thirty to thirty nine.  And what do I end up finding?  My favorite character has abandoned his family and become a dirty pirate.  The new protagonist is a somewhat annoying and very naive little whiner.  And the main villain for this whole series is some crazy old man who pulled the “super race” card when he was coming up with his evil schemes.  That said, this is Gundam AGE, and I’ve seen worse.

We pick up where episode thirty eight left off (naturally), with Asemu trying to help his son, Kio escape Vagan controlled space.  And with the new Vagan Gundam.  Oh those poor pirates.  There aren’t more clear “death flags” than when a power new enemy shows up, and some grunts come screaming at them, declaring that they can take this new guy down.  Boom!  Just that quick.  Surprisingly, the guy commanding that new, disgusting Vagan monstrosity is Lord Ezelcant.

And this is where the annoyances come to play.  In between the dogfighting and dueling, we get the traditional pilot banter dealing with ideals, goals and understanding.  And in true Newtype fashion, there superior powers prove useless when it comes to the most important and basic task of understanding other people.  Ezelcant has the nerve to be all high and mighty when his plan is basically boiled down to murder to weed out the weak and stupid.  It has nothing specifically to do with the Vagan people at all!  What a jerk!  To make matters worse, Kio instead of trying to flee when he stands the chance, seems to stay frozen as much, and as long as possible, rather than pushing forward.  This just gives the Vagan military time to catch up with Lord Ezelcant and surround them.  And we’re left to repeat the dance all over again.

The new Vagan Gundam, Gundam Legilis appears to be easily superior to the AGE-3.  As Ezelcant hacked through it TWICE.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen an instance where a fresh change of units didn’t save the pilot.  It has be pretty disheartening.  Then again, Kio, like Zeheart before him complained about the AGE-3 not being able to keep up with him.  So that leaves some hope of a fair fight in the future.

In the end, Kio and Asemu are saved by Asemu’s pirate ship and some clever tactics.  Bluffing a dirty trick like smashing massive colonies into a colony was genius.  It especially made this old fag’s heart flutter to see them using the old inflatable asteroid trick.

Overall, a decent and to the point episode.  Though it just makes Ezelcant seem out of touch and crazy to me.  Kio just annoys me bit by bit with his whining and waffling, but he’s not nearly as bad as I expected.  The Twitterverse had me thinking he was Judau Ashta mixed with Loran Cehack.  I suspect the conflict with by ramping up soon here now.  And now that Asemu’s been exposed, he’s gonna have to answer for what he’s done.  I don’t care what he was doing for the Federation.  He accomplished jack-all in the dozen or so years he was gone.  And Kio is gonna have to have a serious talk with his near genocidal granddad.  There will be much to discuss in the Earth Sphere.

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