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Eureka Seven AO ep11: trippin’ balls (haven’t I used this title before?)

[Eureka Seven AO ep10]

The main focus of this episode was bar-none, “Elena Peoples”.  I always felt uneasy about that the episode where Truth invaded the Generation Bleu HQ.  He clearly left Miller alive for a reason in that episode.  And it always jarred me how much she and Elena favored each other.  And all the ominous signs are pointing to a homicidal, and unstable character among the crew.  Does Truth have someone else like him roaming this world along with Naru?

The episode starts off traditionally enough.  Team Pied Piper is investigating another Scub Burst (& procuring “resources”), while looking for the Secret that they know has arrived, but can’t locate.  Ao thinks he’s found Truth when a big ominous (that’s my favorite word for this episode) shadow appears, one that looks like the shadow monster Truth likes to turn into, but his attacks are for naught as the creature simply disappears.  The same kinda goes for Fleur when the subject of  her dad and his hints at a relationship between her and Ao are brought up.  The sand starts to draw a picture of her dad on the ground.  Weird, ominous stuff.  It’s all just embarrassing to watch.

Meanwhile, Gazelle and his friends (who are seeming slightly less clownish nowadays) are investigating Miller under the President’s direction.  Turns out they’ve been holding onto their own suspicions, and have evidence of their own to show that perhaps Miller isn’t just an American spy, but not even Miller herself.  I got so confused at this part.

Going back to the Generation Bleu, the search for the Secret is temporarily called off, and everyone heads back to base.  We get to see Team Goldilocks (poor guys), and some of their remaining mourning for their fallen leader.  Of course, this is only a hint as to how the problems in this episode are going to persist.  It turns out that that cloud of sand Pied Piper had been flying through was the actual Secret (or is it plural since their grains of sand).  The sand creepily climbs up the girls legs and onto their heads and they end up going nuts.  Hallucinating, giggling and HIJACKING their IFO’s for a joy ride to catch a giant floating teddy bear.  It all fits together now.  Well everything except for the situation with Miller/Elena.

To paraphrase the insanity, Miller has apparently been an American spy all along.  However, two months ago in the story things changed slightly.  Her handlers noticed those slight changes, got a DNA sample and found out she was a completely different person.  Their guess as to who the new lookalike working for them is?  Elena Peoples!

This realization, along with the fact that now Elena and Ao are tripping balls, means that things are officially crazy now.  While Goldilocks is brought down to earth (heh heh, pun) by the fact that the IFO’s can be shut down remotely.  Elena and Ao end up taking a more eclectic trip that ends up taking Ao on a joy ride where both Miller and Elena are promising him the truth by leaving this world, and going to another one.  It all  falls apart in the end as a flashback shows Elena and Miller connectin and joking around.  And then we see Elena pounce on Miller.  It seems very desperate, and leaves me to believe she outright killed Miller.  There doesn’t seem to be another option here.  And given what Gazelle finds out — oh wait, the President cut that short.  Given what the Generation Bleu spies find out about Elena’s path, she’s done this before.

Now then, where do we go from here.  What does the President do with his knowledge about Elena?  How many times has Elena done this?  And might Elena not be human?  Oh well, I have to move on.  I’ve heard amazing things about episode twelve, so I’m not keen on lingering.


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