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Eureka Seven AO ep10: ballsy or dumb?

[Eureka Seven AO ep9]

A lot of things can be spun into a positive or negative light.  Though I didn’t expect a massacre or the alliances forged by it to be one of those things.  It wouldn’t be much of an organization (Generation Bleu) if it didn’t have shady people with shady pasts.  Chief Ivica, you’re an interesting man.

With a Scub Coral popping up in Arizona, we get another tense situation betwwen Generation Bleu and the America’s “aggressive” diplomacy.  Apparently, in a move that frankly frustrated me to watch, the American powers decided it would be a good idea to tackle the Secret on their own.  Meanwhile, Gazelle sits with Rebecka while they try to negotiate with the Arizona governor.  A jerk who clearly has a dirty past with Rebecka.

It’s through this conversation that we begin to learn a lot about one of the shows standout characters, Ivica.  As the chief of Pied Piper, he always seemed a ferociously devoted and focused personality, with an especially warm heart towards the IFO piloting kids.  It’s clear now that it stems from his loss of family and homeland, and the guilt of trying to lead kids into battle.  This is where the positive and negative spin on things comes in.

The negative spin on his nation’s politics caused them to be anihilated due to a coerced lack of help from other countries.  The organization Rebecka worked for saw what they did as an efficient way to solve a problem.  Though if the truth came out it would be pretty damning..

But I guess I’m forgetting to explain the situation, Ivica gets sick of waiting around for the negotiations while people are getting put in harm’s way, and directly disobeys orders to go help the civilians.  Ao volunteers to fly him to a hotzone to see if they can help out the army.  And who do we see f*cking things up again? Truth of course, who else could it be?  Ao doesn’t have much of a chance to do anything to Truth because he warps the airstrip directly into the approaching Secret’s path.  What a total a-hole.

After some soldiers make the dumbass move of attacking the Secrets little probles, everyone is forced to flee inside the building and hide.  This is where we learn of Ivica’s past, and his reason for naming his IFO team, Pied Piper.  Ao panics at first, but then get’s his act together and comes up with a brilliant and brave plan for getting everyone to safey.  The probes for the Secret actually recognize humans by their general form.  Their shape. When he notices a bunch of mannequins have been destroyed, except for one that was propped up inside a small camping tent.  Using this information, he bravely leads the people to the choppers outside and everyone escapes.  Meanwhile, the Triton is able to engage the Secret, thanks to Rebecka’s “forward” approach to negotiations.

Ivica then orchestrates a counterattack on the Secret that brings it down.  Brilliant.  Ballsy.  Stupid.  And not a bad episode at all.

As usual, Truth’s participation in the show feels random, almost troll-like.  Though per this posts theme, on the positive side Truth always adds an immediate level of intensity and fear.  It seems to make the show more serious and more immediate, despite the reality breaking properties of any scene he appears in.

It was nice to get some background on a couple of important characters.  It’s just glossed over so casually by those characters that it’s hard for me to get any strong impact out of it.  I will be interested to see if more of Rebecka’s past comes into the open.  And if there’s any chance of it fracturing the team. As for Ao, I’m impressed.  Keep up the good work lil’ buddy.

  1. July 8, 2012 at 07:26

    Man, it only gets better. You don’t even KNOW.

  1. August 27, 2012 at 02:57

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