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Eureka Seven AO ep7: my sea demon.

[Eureka Seven AO ep6]

There is a certain irony that always comes with being a child pilot.  It’s without fail in these series.  The feeling of helplessness that soaks into the character despite the fact that they pilot machines that are close to gods, or in some cases actually are gods.  Shinji Ikari was born with the affliction.  Ayato Kamina developed it.  Simon had to have the most GAR and charismatic man in existence shake it out of him.  God knows, the Nirvash itself oozes otherworldly properties, but Renton was never a poster boy for confidence without Eureka herself by his side.  And in episodes seven Eureka Seven AO, Ao is given one of the most complete undressings I’ve seen to a main character this early in a series.  All in one episode, he’s lost his status as a hero… and boyfriend to some freak who inhales “butterfly dust” and kills people with a flick of his wrist.

Episode seven starts of with basically a recap of the ending moments of episode six, Truth (I truly hate that name, I don’t care how poignant anyone believes it to be) is annihilating guards and soldiers alike with the most casual aplomb.  In the mad rush to not only intercept the intruder, but save the facility we learn a lot.  I forget the name of the uptight douchebag who works with Mr. Blanc, but it seems he and Rebecka represent a different faction of Generation Bleu.  Or perhaps they’re really not a part of it at all.  Plans are made behind Blanc’s back.  And we also hear a bit throughout the episode of what secret (no pun intended) lurks beneath the HQ.

In the end, none of it matters though as Truth seeks out Ao in a very straight forward way.  After plowing through Generation Bleu security, and running across and sparing Mirror (or was it Miller?  Damn fansubs), who appeared to be spying on the organization, he finds his way to Ao and the Nirvash in the hangar.  And soon after things get weird.  Ao’s connection to the machine and Eureka only further fascinates the strange being.

Rebecka orders Ao to get the hell out of their and launch, but despite that effort he can’t shake Truth and is left with a very unwelcome stowaway to who ironically takes Ao for a ride.

Cue: massive confusion and disconnect from the rest of the story.

Back on Okinawa, Naru has once again wandered off, trying to sneak her way into the facility hiding a Scrub coral.  Though this time she’s helped by Truth disguised as Ao.  He takes to the scrub, liberates her of her inhaler and smoothly romances her hopes in the name of “truth”.  That’s when the pieces start to come together as she inhales the dust from the scrub.  Whatever Truth is, Naru may be as well.

Ao shows up with the sloth and some of the residents of the island to break Naru from Truth’s illusion, but in essence he’s already gotten his point across.  Naru sees a vision of herself being saved not by the Nirvash, but a form of Truth.  And her allegiance is switched.  Ao shows up with the Nirvash, but Truth helplessly whisks her away in a shiny beam of light.  And there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it.

Cue: story getting explained and back on track.

Ao then wakes up to find himself in a bed, THREE DAYS LATER (what a rough week this kid has had).  The girls from Team Pied Piper are by his side when he wakes, and they tell him that he just seemed to crash after he took off with Truth.  But Ao isn’t given much time to believe it’s a dream when they reveal to him the newspaper headline of Naru being whisked away by Truth.

I’m not sure how to feel about Truth in what is a faux real robot show like the Eureka Seven series.  He literally throws everything off.  Plot, reality, expectations, power levels; everything just appears as a plaything to this creature.  The good part is that this shows how far Ao has to go.  It gives him a goal, and the fire to pursue it.  He’s not given any chance in this story to get complacent, or arrogant because Truth has completely blown any confidence he’s had out of his world.  So while I was possibly hoping for more of traditional rivalry to tune of Eureka/Nirvash verus Anemone/The End, I’m still quite interested to see how this one turns out.  It now just becomes a matter of Ao focusing on his goals, and not getting distracted by anger.  Though from the previews… it doesn’t look like things are gonna start out that way.

Great, but strange episode.


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