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Symphogear ep10: not quite in harmony, but good enough

You know what I love about Symphogear?  Just about everything.  You know what I don’t love?  The Engrish!  The gosh… darn… Engrish!  It’s laughably horrible, except I’m not laughing!  And even worse is that the episodes, when they have it, tend to start or end with that dialogue.  So it either clouds my mind as I watch the episode because that was the episode’s first impression, or it ends the episode and leaves a lasting impression.  Thankfully though, it looks like we won’t have to endure that anymore.  Not after the way this episode started.

Looks like I’ll double-crossing, dual-personality having eccentric scientist Ms. Ryoko has made the mistake of trusting the great world evil known as Amerikah (I spelled it incorrectly so that it looks more evil)!  Amerikah busts in through the front door and puts a few bullets in her kidney and liver.  And we get to hear some excruciating dialogue that seems to go on forever.  That Engrish!  Grrr!

Of course Ryoko survives, leaving a bunch of dead Amerikahns (perhaps I’m going a bit too far with this spelling “issue”) in her wake.  The ones left to witness the aftermath are Chris and then Genjuro and his men soon after.  It seems the organization has finally put it together that Ryoko is a traitor.  Genjuro is finally able to get through to Chris at this point when they start talking about her parents, and their ideals.  Next thing you know there’s crying, understanding and acceptance, and Chris gets a nice new communicator.  In essence, she’s now part of the team.  And not a moment too soon as we soon find out.

On the opposite side of town, Hibiki and Miku are having nice friendship talk, and Hibiki is promising her that  she’ll always come back.  Sounds like ominous stuff to me.  Everyone knows that in war movies and anime, you don’t talk like that.  At the very least it heightens the amount of danger you’re going to be put into later in the story.  Or it foretells you outright dying.

When Genjuro gets back to base he has the girls check in for a situation report.  Ryoko checks in late with some BS excuse, but it’s far too late.  Genjuro clearly sees through the ruse.  He’s just playing it cool to he has the right hand to play.  He still doesn’t know exactly what she’s going to do with all that research and the Noise at her disposal.  That question is soon answered though, when four massive Noise are scene flying over the skies of Toyko, headed for the Sky Tower.  Chris had given Genjuro the hint that whatever Ryoko was working on, it was in reference to some sort of tower.  Hibiki and Tsubaki are mobilized and sent to intercept the assault.

The fight is going pretty badly as the massive flying Noise (predictably) are dumping tons of smaller Noise into the air and the streets.  The flightless, close quarters combat focused mahou shoujo are having a difficult time with the flying Noise who are far out of their reach until the moment of attack.  All this leads up to my favorite part of the episode; seeing Chris pop in and wreck shop.  Seeing as her gear is just cannons, missiles, gatling guns and rockets, she’s having a ball (considering her Gear’s name is Ichii-Bal, I think that warrants a pun tag).  The battle is ended after some ill-timed hand holding and girl-talk, and team effort to allow Chris the time for an ultra attack on the massive flying Noise.  All is well, that ends well.  Until Hibiki gets a phone call, her school is under attack!

It’s been awhile since I last watched Symphogear, but I’m pleased to see that I haven’t lost any of the love that came with me consistently watching the show for 3 months.  This episode, like the show as a whole has struck a comfortable mix between the extreme and the relaxed.  There’s plenty of action in this episode from start to finish, but it still took time to have characters and relationships develop just a little, even with minor plot movement.  This was a set up battle to get the girls working together and ready for what is looking to be something even more dangerous and urgent.  Plus it was nice to see that Tsubaki and Chris didn’t just instantly mesh and meld in the heat of combat.  Chris is a bitch, and purposely makes herself hard to like, Tsubaki has just gotten over being a cold-hearted bitch, so it makes sense that there’s gonna have to be at least a little dialogue and negotiation there to smooth things out.  With three episodes left, I’m sad and happy that I’ll soon be putting this fun show to bed.  I’m anxious to see how far they take this.  And quite curious to see what the hell Ryoko has been scheming all these years.


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