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Eureka Seven AO ep6: you are needed. No really! Get up and do something!

[Eureka Seven AO eps1-5]

It must be my years of watching the mecha anime, but you could really see where this episode was headed from quite a ways off.  The only thing that surprised me was that the piloting members of Team Goldilocks weren’t killed.  Perhaps Eureka Seven AO isn’t as dark as I thought it may be.  But then again it’s proving to be plenty creepy in much less than subtle ways.

With the annihilation of Team Goldilocks in the last episode, there’s more than a little grief and stress going around.  Something that didn’t surprise me, but I’m sure surprised some people is how ruthless Rebecka can be.  I suppose that when she reached for her gun an episode ago, I had a feeling that she was the ruthless down to business type.  But the prioritization of the machines over the pilots it’s a bit extreme.  I believe she’s a good tell as to how the head of the Generation Bleu, Mr. Blanc, is thinking.

As for the situation with the Secret, that’s revealed to us after the pilots are rescued.  The girls are pretty banged up, but Chloe (the cute tiny little eleven year old who looks like she’s six) is able to speak to Ao.  Despite the knowledge of the death of Team Goldilocks leader, Ao decides it’s not his place to break the news, and he lies to her.  Interesting.  She finds out anyway and gives him a good talking to about his lackluster attitude.

What I like about the conversation was that it wasn’t too overdramatic.  Sure she tossed his helmet at him, but I’ve seen worse, more irate reactions in my anime.  Their conversation enlightened and inspired Ao as to his role and purpose in the organization.  It’s something his teammates on Pied Piper weren’t too interested in working on at the moment.  It all leads up to an exciting and beautifully animated scene with Ao coming in to wreck shop and save the day.  As far as the main plot line  for the episode goes, it was straightforward, fast paced and to the point.  A few things more than stood out to me on the side though.

It’s impossible to ignore the scenes with the new cast member, Truth.  I don’t know what to make of this dude.  While the Secrets definitely seem to root this series in the Evangelion/monster-of -the week territory, Truth adds something weird and creepy to the dynamic.  Is he some sort of demigod, or a murderous, psychotic Corralian with super powers?  He’s impossible to ignore, and his ability to change forms/identities only makes him a ridiculous threat.  He’s coming into the series out of nowhere and I’m interested to see what episode seven does with him.  Also, does anyone else get a sort of twisted Kaworu Nagisa vibe from him?  I’m drawing all sorts of Evangelion, RahXephon and TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN comparisons from this show right now…

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