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Check-in Station: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn ep5 (know who you are)

Episode 4

The joy of a new episode of Gundam Unicorn.  Though the joy is more for the anticipation of the ultimate episode, as opposed to the only decent action.  Banagher, I hope you’re ready. Fate’s been waiting for you in space. Suck it up.

The long awaited realization of what the black Gundam is and who is piloting it is revealed. It’s Ms. Marida/ Puru Twelve. It’s pretty sick though pragmatic of the Vist Foundation to use her in this way. During her interrogation in a previous episode I assumed they were using the threat to frighten her. Torture her. Break her down so that they may extract information. But they’ve made her a proper pilot the Banshee, the Unicorn’s black doppelganger.

With the Unicorn captured and Banagher in “Federation” hands (man this guy switches sides a lot), it now places him conveniently under the great Bright Noa’s jurisdiction. At some point things get a little confusing for me, but basically it Noa doesn’t trust his civilian “associates” and has a good feeling about Banagher. This leads to an old face that I NEVER thought I’d see again negotiating an operation between the Zeon ship and its arch-rival Federation foe, the Nahel Argama.

Basically, as the Foundation attempts to move all its pawns to space, the Zeon ship will work with the Bright’s forces on the Ra Cailum to help Banagher get Minerva and get free to space on their own. See. I told you it gets complicated.  And I’m not even covering the whole mess that is Laplace’s Box; Banagher’s bastard origins with the Vist family, or Riddhe’s jealous, impotent feelings.  It makes this episode a bit of a mess and a bit of joy.  Banagher seems to grow greatly just from contact with Bright, controlling the Unicorn and his destiny more handily.  All while somehow forcing Marida from the hands of Andreas Vist with some Zeon help.  The episode sure made of ton of strange bedfellows.  Gundams fighting each other.  Gundams working for Neo Zeon (or a faction of it).  The Ra Cailum and Nahel Argama working with the Zeon ship.  And to add to weird off-center feel, the Gundam facing off with the Federation’s biggest baddest ship, the General Revil.  Holy sh*t.  This series isn’t just firmly rooted in the Universal Century; it wallows in its One Year War heritage.

The theme of this episode seemed to be finding your place in this world, and knowing who you really are.  Banagher seems to have accepted his fate as a Gundam pilot, with the realization from Bright that though the opportunity thrown before him, he CHOSE to take advantage of it.  Marida has accepted her life as part of the Sleeves unit over her forced duty as a Cyber-Newtype war machine.  The only main character who seems to be lost is Riddhe.  He’s horribly lost.  And perhaps he’s found his place in the Banshee, seeing as how a character like him isn’t allowed to be the hero…

I, in my heart of hearts, can’t wait for the final installment of this series.  It has come so far, so completely and there’s only one step left for this series to take.  It’s a champion without a ring.  A king without a crown.  So everything rests on this final episode.  I’m looking forward to a classic.

Note:  Oh f*ck!  It’s seven episodes isn’t it?!  Oh well, I’m still excited.  My mistake.

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