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Rinne no Lagrange ep12: say it until they can’t hear you anymore, and then say it some more.

[Rinne no Lagrange ep11]

Well here I am.  The twelve and final episode of the first season of Rinne no Lagrange.  Didn’t think I’d be here three months ago.  I was sure I’d dump this rather publicly and harshly like I’d done to other shows.  But Lagrange has shown that it was bit more entertaining than I was expecting.  Now whether I’d call it a good show, or a show I’d consider picking up for the second season is still up for debate.  Could the final episode help convince me one way or another?

Ah ha!  Guess Lagrange didn’t want to play things straight for episode twelve.  Things are more than a little disjointed and confusing when we see Madoka and Lan acting out what turned out to be a scene from a school film production on the beach.  The thing that really stood out was the space armada parked in the sky.  What the hell happened last episode?  That was a pretty big cliffhanger.  I didn’t expect the show to play with its audience like this.

Next thing you know, everyone is saying their goodbyes to Lan.  It turns out that fleet up there is here to pick her up.  The only person missing is Muginami, conspicuously.  Madoka then takes Lan up to a place called the Hill of Vows.  Apparently it’s a place for people to place locks, stating their promises to meet back up again in Kamogawa.  We’re then shot back to the events unfolding at the end of episode eleven.  Madoka is freaking out again and the Voxes are going nuts  producing those vines and shedding those flowers all over the place.  And the strange effects of the event are continuing to spread and strengthen.  Ovids are crystallizing, ships are being pulled into the anomaly.  And people are dying.  Those aren’t dying are freaking out watching it.

Speaking of freaking out, Moid has a weird moment when he does so as Tadokoro tries to speak to him.  I don’t like that guy.  He’s the reason why I don’t trust Lan’s people, and why I don’t try to pick sides between the opposing “alien” forces.

We’re then treated to a scene where Madoka appears to be dreaming or hallucinating, since she’s sitting on a beach and not in her Vox at the moment.  She’s feeling down when some mysterious woman appears to her, giving her words of encouragement.  When Madoka pulls out of her illusion, she’s more determined than ever.  To do what?  I have no idea.  She just grabs her friends and flies as high and fast as she can.  This apparently summons the Aura that everyone was talking about.  It looks like a pair of beautiful translucent butterfly wings.  So whatever she’s summoning… it’s big!  Strangely, when she realizes that her cousin is alive her Vox freezes up.  Villaguilio finally sees his chance and charges in to kill, and easily dodges Lan and Muginami – only to get impaled by attacks from above.  It turns out that that’s when Lan’s older brother and fleet showed up to pick her up.  Talk about excellent timing.  Muginami goes to tend to Villaguilio and retreats with him.  His fleet being decimated by Lan’s older brother’s.  The conflict is over, and so is the flashback.

We’re then left looking at Madoka and Lan again.  They hold hands tightly again, and then Lan leaves.  And then we get probably my favorite scene in the whole series.  The scenes flip back and forth as Lan moves further and further away and down the steps and Madoka and her continue to say “bye-bye” again and again until Lan disappears and Madoka starts crying.  It’s played beautifully against the beautiful backdrop and the subtle version of the Opening theme in the background.

The last scenes are a collection of moments of Madoka going around doing her Sweats Club business and everyone left in Kamogawa getting back to a normal life.  It looks like the trio of bishounen have decided to take jobs with Madoka’s father at his restaurant.  Asteria and Madoka’s cousin have an interesting moment as they’ve now apparently become fast friends.  Apparently Asteria has a mark and a secret of her own.  We even get a letter from Muginami who seems to be doing fine amongst the remnants of Villagulio’s fleet.  The final, final scene of the season?  Madoka saving a kids hat that got blown in the ocean.  Very appropriate.

And with that I’m done with Rinne no Lagrange… for now I guess.  The show surprised me with wonderful animation, excellent music and an ability to use emotions effectively.  Though my list of complaints is long, too.  I found quite a bit of the characterization and characters underused or wasted.  While Madoka, Lan and Muginami got some wonderful and appropriate development and conflict in their relationships, I found the three bishounen practically useless in the narrative.  I didn’t buy their motivations or even their reasons for being in the story.  I found the story telling aspect at times too leisurely and at home with its own mythology.  It was way too happy to keep secrets or leave people guessing.  I also pretty much hated the mecha designs and the combat with a passion.  It was mostly just ugly to me.  It’s good that the three girls developed so well, but everything else seemed to suffer a bit.

When season 2 of Rinne no Lagrange comes around, I will likely be picking it up.  But it has a long way to go to make me accept it into the mecha community, and even farther to go to become a classic.  Lagrange will have to turn up the intensity several notches for that.

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