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Check-in Station: Pervy Manga Review Pt. 2 (Bigger, Harder, Wetter, More Gay)

[Pervy Manga Review pt.1 (Spanking, Flashing & Wanking)]

It has been quite awhile since my last pervy manga update.  But now feels like the right time.  I’m starting new series and have completed a couple as well.  It seems like the perfect time to get my thoughts in order and down on a blog post.  Plus I’m sure everyone enjoys the pics.  Here we go!  Pervy Manga Review Pt. 2!


One of my original pervy manga, and I’ve finally completed it.  After spending two years reading it at my usual laborious pace, I have to say I was getting a little tired of it.  The title and the whole point of the show was to tease, but I wasn’t expecting it to do so with the plot as well.  All that foreshadowing and foreboding, and then the rather rough, ugly illustrations didn’t make for the smoothest ride from start to finish.  But I couldn’t keep away.  Behind all the complaints, I ended up genuinely caring about some of these f*cked up characters.

The most f*cked up of them all possibly being Hideo.  He started out as a sad, pitiful character that seemed completely unprepared to deal with life. And in a very perverse way, he learns to become more than what he was before.  Somehow he degnerates and evolves at the same time.  His sexual preferences getting more and more “specialized” as the series progressed.  All the while you just want him to become well-adjusted, but he has an otaku-like obsession with his “master”, Kurumi.  And you don’t see how he’s gonna climb his way out.  In the end, it seems he just manages to fold that perverse, slave-like personality into his more normal being.  He was truly a pain in the ass to watch, but I think the ultimate pay off was mostly worth it.

Hideo’s “master” Kurumi is the most interesting character in the series by far.  The sickly, transfer student ends up being far more, and less than she appears.  The chemistry between her and Hideo becomes this toxic mix over time, that I think only the two of them could understand or withstand.  She feins naivety regularly and perfectly, only bearing her fangs towards Hideo.  At first it’s hard to tell how much she cares for him.  And during the moments when he encroaches too closely on her secrets she appears downright scary.  The times when she dominates Hideo, she seems like a lustful demon.  And the times when Hideo manages to impose his will on her, she appears to be as frail, sexual and beautiful as Hideo probably envisions her.  If the show revolves around Hideo, then by extension the show revolves around Kurumi.  Everything Hideo does is for her.

I could love and dislike this series for the very same things that it does.  The series can be funny as hell in its outrageous moments involving the Roman Club and it’s band of losers.  The scene involving a flaming sleeping bag is a personal favorite of mine.  There aren’t too many scenes that flop, or flop hard for me.  And when they do, it tends to come early on in the chapter when the club members seem to be yelling at each other the most.  Also, while I love how well done the sexuality of the series can be portrayed, too often I felt the show was focusing on the less desirable fetishes for me.  I enjoyed the series when it spent less time on anal play and body excretions, and more time on teasing and more conventional forms of play and sexual torture.  It’s all a personal preference of course, but it wasn’t for me.

Another example would be the art.  When important moments happened, the art was beautiful, highly detailed and conveyed the lust and sensuality perfectly.  When the series is involved in the more mundane aspects of the characters’ lives though, the art feels almost sketch-like at times.  Not to mention the character designs are generally on the ugly side.  I would never say a manga-ka can’t draw, or is poor at their work, I’m just saying that some these panels could look a bit better.

Once I got to the end though, I found myself pleasantly surprised.


It was satisfying to see Hideo and Kurumi together as adults, I presume married.  I believe Katsu and Kyouko were getting married as well.  They became well-adjusted and loving in the end.  It was so very nice to see.  The series in the end wasn’t about the lust and fetishes, it was about the strong loyalty, bonds and love the characters were developing.  It was just hard to see at times behind all the smut and stupidity.  It’s hard to say if Sundome would be a series I would or could recommend to anyone.  It’s a very unique manga for people with unique taste and strong stomachs.  And it’s far from what I would call anyone’s gateway into most any aspect of the anime/manga culture.  But it is a unique, well executed manga that displays love and lust equally well.  And you can’t ever say Sundome wasn’t entertaining or interesting.

Hanjuku Joshi

This series was only 16 chapters, so there wasn’t too much to say.  It’s basically the story of 2 couples coming to grips with their feelings and desires.  It was a very sexual yuri manga with pleasing art.  I’d say it’s a easy and quick recommendation for anyone who’s into something simple and sexual in the yuri genre.

Yuria 100 Shiki

This manga could not get any stupider.  A definite one-trick pony that I probably one read for the dirty pics and shock value.  The plot doesn’t progress beyond interesting a few new pairs as time goes on.  The character development is nil, short of old pairs learning the new pairs’ names.  If there was a guilty, shameful pleasure out there, it would be this story about guys and their pleasure robots.  Still…  it’s easy enough to recommend to someone with a dirty mind and preferences.

My Lovely Ghost Kana

I’ve been reading this at much too slow a pace, but the ten chapters I’ve read have all been very easy to read.  And some have been very emotional, while some have been very sexual.  It was awkward at first dealing with this guy having sex with a ghost girl, but I guess when it comes to manga you have a plenty of time to get used to anything.  I don’t doubt I’ll be sticking with this manga for the long haul simply because I love the two main characters and their relationship so much.

Girl Friends

This manga is as much of a tease as Sundome, just in a very different way.  Seeing the two main characters attempt to get together can be an exercise in patience and your ability to suspend your disbelief at how two people could come so close to a relationship and not have one.  I don’t have much longer to go, so I really should stop lolligagging and finish this bloody manga.  It started off so well, but I fear it may have overextended its plot and is just faffing about for now.  It’s not a bad manga at all, though I am ragging on it a bit harshly.  I just seems to enjoy messing with its readers.  And that can make those readers a little jaded.


This series isn’t that different from Girl Friends from what I can tell.  It just seems that the potential yuri couple is dealing with more baggage and having more sex.  I’m reading it at a very slow pace.  The love for the characters hasn’t developed yet, but I am learning to sympathize with them more and more as it continues.

Nana to Kaoru

Probably my #1 pervy manga right now.  It shows the chops to be a good overall manga that makes you care about the characters, regardless of whatever strange things they choose to do to “unwind”.  It’s decently funny, at times can be spectacularly sexual, and best of all it really excels at driving home the characters emotions (aside from the lustful ones) and the relationships.  I don’t doubt the series is going to drag out Kaoru and Nana’s relationship as much as possible, but it’s not as if their relationship isn’t progressing.  Kaoru has gotten much more comfortable in his dominant role in the breathers, and has even shown some guts outside of the world of leather and hemp.  And Nana is finding herself more drawn to Kaoru without the aid of breathers.  She’s even finding herself not caring about how they appear in public, though Kaoru is determined to keep their facade up.

If I were going to recommend a pervy manga, it would be this one.  It seems to be the most accessible and have the better characters for those uninitiated to the genre.  I’ve learned some interesting things reading this manga.

Thanks for visiting my pervy review part deux.  I hope you saw something here you’d like to pick up.  Stay tuned for part three.  I’m sure there’s plenty of new pervy manga for me to check out.  And you have a pervy manga you’d like to reccommend then tell me out it in the comment section.  Have a good pervy day people!

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