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Lagrange ep10: I have a fear. A fear of school festivals and too much lounging around.

Rinne no Lagrange is starting to delve deeper, and when it does that I like it.  It’s this potential and the series few shining moments that keep me watching (along with the gorgeous production values).  It’s too bad that I have trouble enjoying the show’s more subtle attributes.

Lagrange‘s love of swimming in the slice-of-life pool tends to irk me.  I enjoy character development and bonding just fine, but this show seems to have trouble emphasizing, or making understand how important its events are.  Sheesh!  Even though the series takes place on a beautiful beach, there’s way too much time spent lounging around enjoying life.  Even the antagonists do it.  So I was worried that despite the promising title of this episode, “Goodbye Kamogawa”, there wouldn’t be much conflict or drama to soak in.  I wasn’t totally correct.

Episode ten starts off in its usual leisurely way.  Everyone getting ready for school and the art festival that was going on that day.  I did get a little enjoyment from seeing Madoka, Lan and Muginami enjoying the festival.  Though things didn’t really pick up until the little loli chairman showed up.  For someone so small, she sure can pack away the food.  She can also pack on the psychology.  As Lan and Muginami are pulled away, we see Madoka freak out a little bit each time.  The chairman notices this and she  points out Madoka’s fear of loss.  Something that I bet is a liability for someone piloting her particular Vox.  It adds interesting contrast to Madoka’s super positive character.  Her humanity is exposed (or proven) in these circumstances.

Anyway, the circumstances and the chairman’s opinion haven’t changed since the previous episode and Madoka still isn’t allowed to pilot her Vox.  Despite this, she still makes every effort not only to find her other Lan and Muginami, but then to get to the island.  It looks like Villagulio (I hope I finally spelled it right) has gone on the offensive again… finally.  Turns out that he has a sizable force behind him and they’re just now arriving at Earth.  The trio of bishounen pilots is still hanging out with him for whatever reason as well.  One of them is still wearing that damn maid outfit…  UGH!

So the stage is set for a pretty big battle.  One I’m sure Madoka is gonna end up joining at some point.  I doubt that we’ll get much in the way of answers fromt this battle, but if we do I’d like to know several things.  What’s the basis for the conflict between the various space empires?  Why are the trio of bishounen pilots fighting?  What does each faction have to gain from obtaining the Voxes?  And why exactly are we protecting them?

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