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#GundamAGE ep23: no one can afford to wait for you to grow up, Asemu. #anime

First and foremost, for all those who followed Gundam AGE from the beginning, Grodek has finally been released from prison! Woo-hoo! It makes sense since the Vagan’s have been causing so much trouble lately. I don’t know what did it, maybe enough of the old brass died off to allow for his release. Or maybe Flit was able to finally pull enough strings. It doesn’t matter because at least the old badass didn’t have to die in that prison and is finally getting some of the respect that was due to him.

Something else long overdue is Zeheart catching flack for being such poor commander. He hasn’t done much of anything in a leadership role up until this point. And the fact that he’s such a young commander, who is so highly favored can’t help his popularity among his competing officers and the grunts. And now the other Newtypes are giving him pure hell for their defeat at Big Ring. Have to say I was happy this came about. Though that one big Newtype that never talked but kept staring makes me nervous. Though at least he doesn’t seem like another cocky blowhard like the other members of the Magician’s Eight that showed up.

I guess in comparison to the previous episode, episode 23 of Gundam AGE was a bit subdued. But mostly I was worried about the strained relationship between Asemu and Flit. One bad order, or one dumb decision could really damage it right now. Think of this as a step back to the past where certain actions would readily be met with Brightslaps and trips to the brig. I just hope AGE can get its message across without getting to melodramatic on me.

Flit sure doesn’t waste any time. Not long after his victory at the Battle of Big Ring, he’s slipped onto the Diva and is leading a mission to track down the origin of some all-too-local parts. I
didn’t think sending the Diva for such a mundane mission seemed warranted, but I was quickly proven wrong.

It seems we got some dirty traitors in the Earth ranks. A factory on a colony is producing Vagan mobile suits and they’re using the colony as a safe zone, intimidating, and bribing their way to power and safety. And they didn’t seem too eager to give up what they’d gained up until that point. Captain Milias was worried about the likely civilian casualties before the mission, but Flit was able to convince her of the good it would do and they commence the operation.

Milias moves in to negotiate/distract while Woolf is left to do some espionage and find out where they’re actually hiding the evidence.  You wouldn’t think an aging fighter jock would be a great choice for some spy work. What I liked about the Legend of Galactic Heroes is that it realistically had its own specialists. You wouldn’t find the strategians and commanders running around and waving axes in hallways and corridors. Though I assume for the sake of time and narrative Woolf is the best choice here. He did get the job done and looked
rather Bond-like… all except for the yahoo after he got caught. Oh and the getting caught part.

After that, the episode turns into a small mobile suit rumble where we get to see the Adele Federation mobile suits don their Titus gear and go at it with the hidden Vagan forces. This would have been a short ass kicking, but for some reason Asemu was in a particularly bad mood and didn’t think Flit’s orders to attack the facility was worth the civilian lives at risk. He wasn’t gonna be convinced by logic like Milias had been. Nope. He decides to drop his responsibilities and run off into the colony. Cue a picture of me donning a facepalm, dropping my head to the desk and yelling, “Goddammit Asemu!”

To compound matter, I had to sit through Romary getting all emotional and crying because Asemu was being a brat. It’s sad when Romary is telling the ace pilot that they’re at war and have to suck up the tragedy of these losses. It really shows how much of a losing streak Asemu has been on for awhile now.

Asemu gets himself together and joins the battle in time to mop everyone up, but it’s not done before one of the employees has a chance to destroy all the evidence in the facility. Ugh!

In the end, Asemu finds himself in the brig appropriately, and Flit is long gone. Gone to see his old newly released buddy, Grodek. It was a good moment for us fans of the first generation team. And Asemu will recover from his little stint in the brig. Though I have to say, he’s really got to turn himself around. As Woolf said to him this episode, he’s a failure as a soldier right now. The very least you can do is follow orders.
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