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BodaciousSpacePirates ep11: after all this, this ghost ship better have some damn answers.

The Bentenmaru has squeezed itself (literally) into the best possible position right now.  Though what they do from here is anyone’s guess.

Marika starts this episode with a tough question.  What the hell do you do now?  The Serenity navy is out in force and waiting for both the Bentenmaru and the ghost ship.  And Marika decides to take the direct approach.  Which turns out to be a little more dangerous than what anyone was expecting.

A good portion of this episode is just the Bentenmaru struggling to survive the chaos caused by the ghost ship shifting through space.  For such and ancient, primitive old bird, that monstrosity can sure cause a disturbance.  Though I got plenty of excitement just from seeing the ship struggle to survive amongst the massive shockwaves and turbulence.  Kane normally looks like a badass, but he really showed his worth this episode.  He even parked the Bentenmaru like a badass; backing the ship into dock hard and fast, as if he was stealing someone’s parking spot at the mall!

Aside from the space hell the ship and crew had to survive, the Serenity navy wasn’t exactly making things simple either.  They didn’t open fire on the Bentenmaru, but sure could have.  The hold up was the conversation Princess Gruier Serenity was having with her little sister Princess Grunhilde Serenity.  Grunhilde was telling Gruier tostand down, and Gruier wasn’t having it.

I’m getting the impression that the Galactic Empire is the “controlling force” that Gruier hints at here.  But as has been the case for so many episodes up until this point. We don’t get anything on them.  They just seem like the only lead at this point.

Regardless of all interference and insanity, the Bentenmaru is on thegolden ghost ship finally, for better or worse.  It’s been a fun ride, but now it’s time to don the space suits and hopefully get some answers.  The golden ghost ship arc has been extremely short on them, and if I don’t get some after getting to this ship I’m gonna be a little annoyed.

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