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Bodacious Space Pirates ep9: you sure the name of this series shouldn’t be The Bodacious Yacht Club?

I will be quite honest here.  I wasn’t completely paying attention during certain parts of the episode.  But I think I got the main points down.  Those main points are that Marika’s in charge, the ghost ship is big and prehistoric as hell, Chiaki is back and the yacht club is again confirmed to be shady as hell.  Did I miss anything?  Yeah, some knockdown, drag out, calamitous action!  What happened guys?!

Well here’s what happened.  Marika was so awesome, so captainy (just killed my high school and middle school English teachers with that word) that in moments she completely diffused that situation.  She got the brilliant idea to take Princess Serenity and have her scare the sh*t out of everyone on the battle field with her big loli voice and her super cute loli appearance.  After that it was just a matter of deciding on who to speak to, and she chose wisely.

Turns out that the ship being chased last episode by the four other cruisers and the battleship was delivering a stealth package to the princess.  Well it wasn’t very stealth since apparently they were being chased under threat of death by the other ships for trying to transport it.  For whatever reason, a faction of the Serenity government did NOT want her to get that ghost ship data in the hidden package.

A lot can be inferred from this, but there’s still not nearly enough information at this point for anything concrete.  The butler and maid who brought the info were talking rather cryptically.  Giving the impression that things were fine despite the princesses absence.

The crisis is over after that and Marika is free to return to school.  And guess who’s back?  Chiaki, of course.  Looks like her pirate crew are tasked with a similar mission, though the request is to PREVENT any interested parties from finding the ship, lethal force being authorized of course.  I’m sure this reunion was happy enough, though I’m sure Chiaki would prefer their meeting start minus the “glomps” and the -chan honorific.

Ha!  Too bad that the phrase, “Chiaki-chan” has caught on like wild fire.  The whole yacht club is happily uttering that phrase now.

Speaking of the yacht club, it looks like this junior clan of rogues has been given the task of covering Marika and Princess Serenity’s tracks during their next excursion.  I’m starting to get excited about the idea of the Bentenmaru and the yacht club crew working in tandem.  They’re sickeningly happy and cute, but there’s something awesome about seeing these girls come together like they’re Marika’s own personal elite unit.

The episode ends with a rather unorthodox meeting underneath the airport (space port?).  It gets the blood pumping because we get some background finally on that golden ghost ship, and its incredibly dangerous route.  Cold sleep was mentioned in this episode, and I wonder if we’re going to see anyone hanging around on that ship?

Overall, not bad.  Seeing Marika in action taking on full-fledged captain duties in a combat situation was fun, but all too short.  Plus you can really see that she’s earning respect and trust bit by bit from her crew.  I still don’t totally trust Princess Serenity, but I don’t think she means harm.  She may just be trying to protect the crew by forcing ignorance on them.  The real mysteries seem to be on that ghost ship, and what exactly is the political situation on the planet of Serenity?  Does it involve attempted independence from the Galactic Empire?  Is their a coup in the works?  So much to know, so little learned.

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