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Lagrange ep8: I’m as disappointed as Madoka to learn of the “secret” behind the “aliens”.

[Rinne no Lagrange ep7]

This show melds a lot of things into its recipe for a show. Though I didn’t know goth loli would be one of the ingredients. Cross dressing is another surpise ingredient as well. Oh Lagrange, I don’t know exactly what to make of your playful nature, but at least you’re taking the time to explain yourself.

What a kick I got to see the show enjoying itself and showing me one of the things I enjoy most about it in the opening sequence. The beautiful animation and the Voxes in flight. They even got to throw in a Top Gun style buzzing of the command center/tower. All three of the girls of getting along swimmingly, so you just know something has to be thrown in to shake up the dynamic. And since it doesn’t appear battle will be that thing then there is no better solution than another woman. Well perhaps the word “woman” isn’t the best descriptor.

It looks like the chairman for the organization was supposed to be swooping in for a suprise visitl. But instead of the old man the cast and I and probably everyone else was expecting, we get this pretentious little blond-haired tart. She’s the chariman’s granddaughter and representative. She doesn’t give the best first impression exactly as grabs one of Madoka’s boob and gives it frank criticism; she then proceeds to reveal to Lan that the whole “woof” greeting that she’s been using all show and for god knows how long in that shows timeline, is nothing more than a prank. Yeesh! I guess I won’t be having fun with that little quirk any longer.

After a review of the last mission, which is probably the reason she made the trip to Kamogawa, the girls end up going to the local Sea World, and our goth loli friend ends up shuffling off to a meeting with Madoka’s cousin. Both scenes play out nicely in tandem to reveal the secrets behind the story. A rather sobering realization for some.
Turns out that our alien friends aren’t aliens. They’re humans that fled the Earth some 20,000 years ago to avoid catastrophe and extinction. The humans currently inhabiting the Earth are just the primitives left behind. Apparently this is the fault of the Voxes, especially Aura (or Midori as Madoka has named it). And Earth has since been declared a neutral territory that was to remained untouched.

The mystery comes in as to why everyone is coming back now to claim their “inheritance”, the Voxes. That has not been made especially clear, and I have a feeling Moid has a lot of those answers. My bet is that his government wants to steal away the Voxes or activate them on Earth for some reason. Everything is to vague for now on that subject.

All this talk leads to our little blonde goth loli princess deciding to ground Midori and Madoka. It doesn’t go over well with anyone, and to most everyone’s surprise Lan and Muginami decide to stage a little protest.  How cute.

It takes a little quick thinking and a heartfelt talk form Madoka to get them to stand down and accept the decision. And I think they made a good impression on the chairman’s granddaughter.
The real juicy parts come near the end of the episode when we see the chairman’s daughter meeting with Mr. Villagulio (Mr. Vegemite) and discussing the Voxes. Items she refuses to hand over. Oh by the way, her maid was that blonde guy who first fought Madoka and escaped. How he ended up being her maid is beyond me. The nice guy pilots in these mecha shows always get screwed over so badly. Also, Moid is having a holographic meeting with a superior, and it sounds rather ominous.

All this is all well and good, and reasonably entertaining.  However, I’m gonna need more action from this show and less “girl power”.  I’m glad the show has attempted to give us some answers, but I need something more brisk and visceral from this show soon.  Though I might later regret asking for more of that less than stellar combat in this show, it’s not only a slice of life comedy.  I’m gonna need to see those machines do something.

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