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#Symphogear ep7: a lover’s quarrel and a boss’s apathy. #anime

Three strikes and you’re out!  Symphogear starts off right where the episode six left off, the heated battle between Chris and Hibiki.  I had thought that the battle between those two was pretty much done, but this show had a lot more surprises for this battle and this episode than I imagined.  I like surprises.

Looks like Chris had been sandbagging a bit.  I should’ve known that something was up when she was the only person using gear and not singing.  What was previously a thumping by Hibiki in the previous episode turns into the reverse when Chris starts singing.  Her formerly bright and sharp gear turns into a black and red gatling gun, crossbow, missile touting piece of heavy destruction.  Heavy metal!

Hibiki would have been crushed if not for badass entrance by Tsubasa.  Gotta love that.

A shield?  A SWORD.

I like the new, not so robotic Tsubasa. She’s just as ruthless, but minus a little of the angst and butthurt.  The way she took checkmated Chris made me glad that there aren’t any power levels in this show, because I would be very confused.

Everything is awesome now right? Chris has no where to run and now we just have to wait for the capture?  Nope.  Mysterious, kinky hat lady shows up (with clothes on) and basically tells Chris she’s fired.  Damn.  Somehow both of them get away after that.  I guess Tsubasa and Hibiki were both really tired after all that.  And maybe the mysterious lady and Chris have stealth panties or chaff in their bras because they disappear way to easily.

The rest of this episode boils down to Tsubasa talking to herself… or her long dead partner (I’ll leave that up to the individual to decide whether she’s crazy or not); Chris’s humanity being shown by walking some lost kids to their father; and Hibiki dealing with a lot of the nasty silent treatment from her “life parnter” Miku.

What a nasty lover’s quarrel.  You’d think that maybe there would be some understanding (especially with her now knowing that Hibiki was legally obligated to keep her mouth shut) and forgiveness.  But somehow all that Miku has witnessed has made things worse for their relationship.  I don’t really understand it.  Was it possibly Miku seeing Hibiki bonding more and more closely with Tsubasa that caused the rift?  Was the relationship dead from that point?  I guess we won’t know quite yet.

The episode ends with some more torturous Engrish, and Chris essentially getting her walking papers.  I have to say, I don’t mind having a villainess in this show who walks around all hot and naked.  I was actually a little disappointed when she decided to don her gear.  All I could think was:

“Aw!  So does that mean that she’s not gonna fight naked?  Awe!”

I had some hope for Chris joining the good guys with the way the episode ended.  But the show seems to leave us with the conclusion that she’s charcoal now.  Then again, I could be wrong.  This very episode proved that this show has fun hiding things and deceiving the viewer.

Gotta say, I loved this episode just as much as the last one.  It has really defined its tone and style up to this point.  And I’ve fully accepted the action that spices this show up.  I suppose I finally understand why “Mega Deth” has been popping up in my Twitter feed so often lately.  I’d like to see Symphogear keep up this pace.  No.  I want to see this show get better, because I want to believe that there’s more, even with how entertaining it has been so far.  What an “off-the-wall” treat this has been.

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