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Nisemonogatari ep7: what an absolutely, unquestionably incorrigible a-hole!

Talk about a duel.  I suppose you get everything you could want and expect out of this show in this one episode.  But I’m not I was prepared for how it was to be delivered.  And I was actually worried about the result.  The Karen Bee arc comes to an interesting ending, but the show overall is stronger for it.

I have to admit to being a little confused at the beginning of this episode.  Things flipped my expectations, as I thought some sort of physical confrontation would come to bear with Kaiki, and Araragi would have to talk down Karen.  I thought so because I didn’t think Karen would go insane with fever and try to beat her brother to death.  In the end I was half right.  Araragi was able to convince her after taking a hell of a beating, and then getting a chance to talk some sense into her.  It was a touching moment.  One any big brother would be proud to be a part of (aside from the ass kicking part).  As in all things in life, a successful communication of emotions is what gets the job done.  The same can be said for the arc ending confrontation with Kaiki.

Oh Kaiki.  There’s just something about the guy I can’t stand.  Perhaps it’s the constant lying and deception.  Perhaps I can’t stomach his stone cold denial of faith and imagination.  Whatever it may be, I feel no sympathy for the tragedy that is his way of life.  And I’m sure he doesn’t either.

For this series, Kaiki was probably the most subversive and corrosive problem the show has had.  His all verbal confrontation was tense, testy, bitter, and harsh.  And I could feel the desire of Araragi and Senjougahara to pummel this guy.  Rest assured though, this was Senjougahara’s fight far more than Araragi’s.  He kept his word and merely accompanied her, which I’m sure probably saved her hide.  And it allowed her to face him down with confidence.

I’m not a friend of justice. I’m an enemy of evil.

That was a pretty good line.  I couldn’t think of a more perfect one for her situation, or how to best solve the situation.  She was right (and harsh) for saying that the middle school kids were fools for falling for his tricks.  And the best situation was simply to make Kaiki get the hell out of town.  They couldn’t beat him up, the guy was already known for relying on the cops to save him.  That would only cause more grief and he would still be running his schemes on the kids in town.  No.  They pressured that S.O.B. out of town and weathered the garbage from his mouth.  It was the very …adult thing to do.

In the end, Araragi and Senjougahara are the same loving couple from before, and I think Araragi (along with the audience) has a much healthier appreciation for the Fire Sisters.

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