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Bodacious Space Pirates ep7: there are times when “playing” pirate isn’t enough.

Like when you have a real diplomatic issue on your hand.  Or when your life is on the line.  Or when you have someone you’re trying to make respect you.

It looks like reality has hit hard for Marika.  I don’t have a clue why a pirate ship would ever send their captain on a recon missue in a little dinky space ship, perhaps that should have been the tip off that the opening sequence was a dream.  That and it looked like she was seriously dead to rights.

I’d like to think that even at this leisurely pace, the show’s tone is changing.  The show’s attitude towards Marka has shifted from awe at her potential, to a down to business “you better get this right” demeanor.  On top of that, she’s getting hammered by her dual duties of part-time pirate captain and full-time student in high school.  I’m starting to wonder exactly when she’ll adjust to increase in responsibility.

It looks like I was almost wrong about Marika and Chiaki not meeting for awhile. Chiaki just missed her.  It was almost a waste of her perfectly good excuse of traveling across outer space to taste the shop’s delicious parfaits.  That said, what was accomplished was a sort of passing of the torch.

The crew’s attitude annoys me somewhat, but they are professionals going through the motions so to speak.  Even when things go unexpectedly no one aside from Marka even bats an eye.  I didn’t quite catch exactly what was going on during their little raid on the cruise liner, but I assume that when the little stowaway starts talking in the next episode, we’ll learn a lot more.  That whole battle looked pretty suspicious.

A final note, there’s just something awesome and bad as about space ships equipped with and shaped like blades.  I just saw one and immediately said, “I WANT THAT!”

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