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#Lagrange ep7: you guys are being a bit bold, aren’t you? #anime

[Rinne no Lagrange ep6]

But I can’t complain about things like skinny-dipping, beautiful animation and artfully crafted flashbacks.  It’s strange. Even the stuff that normally annoys me just got glossed over this time.  This episode is the story of two characters who had lost their mojo and restored it in the span of this episode.  And also it may be the episode where I finally accepted Rinne no Lagrange.  *sigh*

I guess you couldn’t expect things to go smoothly after the whole “ex-boyfriend shooting at Muginami and her defending him” incident.  And for everything to come together at the end, you would have to expect the two warring characters to come to an understanding at some point.  So the show attempts to do this to the characters (through the current story and timeline) and to the audience (flashbacks).

We learn that Muginami is from a planet named Un-Go.  A sh*tty place with sh*tty people who do sh*tty things to get by… all while smelly sh*tty (sorry, just had to finish that thought).  A penal planet  ..which I guess makes it all the more sh*tty (sorry, I’m done I swear).  And while she’s struggling to get by she runs across Mr. Vegemite.  And they befriend each other.  You see without much dialogue, how Muginami and Mr. Vegemite got to befirend each other, grow and become comrades.  What we don’t see is how exactly Mr. …Villagullio (I hope that’s right) got there, or how exactly he got to become so twisted and view poor Muginami as a parasite.  I guess I can just add that to the very long list of things I don’t know about this show.

In the current timeline, Muginami is far from her normal positive self, the same can be said for Madoka.  And poor Lan (“Woof!”) is caught between the two because she was a former acquaintance of  …Villaguillio and is currently good friends with Madoka.  She’s so shy and introverted that you just don’t see how she’s gonna be the one to bring them together.

Well, it turns out she isn’t.  That way too hyped gym/homeroom teacher of Madoka’s brings her a Jersey Club problem and Madoka, despite not feeling up to it, gets right into action.

Sheesh!  Apparently the problem involves a company delivering eels to the school for one of the clubs and mistakenly dumping them in one of the pools.  Could someone please explain to me how this is the school’s problem?  I would call those a-holes right back up and tell them to put the eels where they’re supposed to be.  Instead we get “treated” to the sight of a half dozen girls getting sexually assaulted by slippery eels.  In unauspicious terms, the teacher explains to Madoka that perhaps they’ve experienced a few too many orgasms and aren’t up to another trip to the pool.  Uh… fair enough I suppose.  And instead we get treated to Lan (“Woof!”) get gang-slimed by a bunch of eels.  Oh Rinne no Lagrane, you’re attempts at ecchi fanservice lack so much discretion and class.  I was hoping for better from you guys.  I really was.

While all this insanity is going on, the teacher notices that Madoka is “off”, and I suppose that little pep talk was enough to get Madoka to run back to Muginami and patch things up.  Sure, it took a little extra convincing, some tears, and skinny dipping in the ocean (man, this show piled on the nudity).  But in the end, the trio is back together and stronger than ever.  And for some reason, this show seems to have won me over for the meantime.  Even though the episode lacked any mecha action and gave me very little in the way of answers.

I guess Muginami was my gateway into this show.  So for now I’m enjoying it. Looking forward to it.  And who knows, maybe in the future I may even be recommending it.  All I know for sure is that next week, I’ll be watching it.
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