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#Nisemonogatari ep6: I love you so much that you had better understand the boundaries of this relationship. #anime

No matter how static things seem in this show, nothing is ever static.  Something is alway moving in the background, someone’s thoughts are always being molded, opinions moved in a different direction.  This episode is a good example. Most of the episode is a conversation with Senjougahara, with the rest taken up by an encounter with Hachikuji and Shinobu.  It’s all talk, but nothing is static.

Things seemed to be stable once the episode started. Araragi had declared at least a stalemate with the wreath fire bee by lowering, but not completely relieving Karen’s fever.  She apparently was no longer in danger.  And then he runs into Hachikuji and he gets dragged over the metaphorical hot coals for breaking tradition.  She makes some good points, points that I believe Hanekawa has already made.  His sisters are really indistinguishable from him, aside from age and sex of course.  Their reckless abandon and “hero-streak” are his as well.  Though it appears he’s no closer to realizing it this episode.

Oh glorious, precious Senjougahara!  How I adore the conversations Araragi gets to have with you, even if they do come under threats of violence and mutilation.

Their conversation appears to be a highly stylized and masked negotiation.  Senjougahara tells Araragi her motivations/excuses for taking on Kaiki herself.  And somehow Araragi is able to talk her into at least allowing him to accompany her.  Though I do wonder what he’s agreed to.  I have to say, his appeal to her heart was a homerun.  I don’t remember the last time I saw her make that face.  I guess I can understand why all the ladies find him so dashing and sexy.  It’s not just the vampire blood.

I’m starting to wonder if I’m as dense as a traditional harem protagonist, because I’m not sure if Senjougahara’s slips of the tongue in reference to Hanekawa are cries for help, or not.  I suppose the answer I’ll get from the majority of my fellow anime viewers is that the answer is, “of course”. I suppose that’s the big mystery to come after this arc, after Koyomi harem has steamrolled that Kaiki bastard.

Back to my statement about nothing being static. Araragi returns from his meeting with Senjougahara to find that Karen’s dumbass has taken off again.  She really is just as stubborn as her brother!  It looks like Araragi’s patience has been seriously tested here.  Good thing Shinobu has popped up again to “offer” assistance.  She sure has been active lately.  Before I thought Hachikuji would fulfill the wise old person roll in the series before she started popping up all cute …and naked, and mouthing off.  Though I’m not sure I should be using that term in reference to a creature that is hundreds of years old and despite her current appearance is fully mature.  Sheesh.  Another character bound to Araragi by a questionable relationship.  The depths of this harem are truly outstanding.

The running theme seems to be that everyone has some growing up to do, except perhaps Hanekawa and Shinobu. Hmmmm.  Oh well, I don’t have enough to go on; and I’m not really in the mood to speculate on something that probably won’t be more than teased in this arc.  I’m just excited to see where this confrontation with Kaiki is leading and that the world of Nisemonogatari still has so much to offer.
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