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Check-in Station: Symphogear ep6 (*nom nom nom* a full stomach equals maximum fighting powah!)

Which is why I was amazed at what Hibiki could do while operating on fumes.  That was one hell of a way to finish the last 5 minutes of an episode. Who would have thought that this season I would be getting my main doses of GAR & Badass from a mahou shoujo with such a silly concept?

Everything in this show is so fluid right now. The organization that Hibiki works with will be undergoing a flux with the new Pro-American leadership above it now.  Tsubasa is recovering and learning to accept her rival/comrade.  Miku is developing more and more distance and distrust for Hibiki following her constant disappearances, secrets and that little  misunderstanding involving Miku seeing her in the hospital room with Tsubasa (from across the street?! Come on! Is there no such thing as privacy in this Japan? It’s a hospital room!). And most of all Hibiki’s skills and power are skyrocketing.  She took a fired up Crystal and her fancy Nehulstan armor and pounded it into chunks!

I was beginning to think that this would be a purely character development focused episode until the last five or so minutes.  You can see Hibiki steadily being transformed and pulled away from the normal life she so desperately tries to protect and honor.  As Miku gets more insecure and feels more distant, Tsubasa is learning to respect and mentor the firey little mahou shoujo.

Hibiki herself is taking a very traditional shounen battle manga style arc in her character development.  She reminds me more and more of Naruto based on her problems and talents. Whatever that berserker side of her is, it is something that gives her great power and gets her out of tight jams that she wouldn’t be able to handle in her amateur state, but it does so at the expense of her control.  Much like Kurama does to Naruto in his series. That berserker trait is also something inherited that she can’t run from and that she’s going to have to master eventually.

Poor Crystal is definitely a loser villain now.  She’s already been practically discarded by her master, and she is simply outclassed by Hibiki no matter how hard she tries.  She is a sympathetic character though.  I wonder what the hell was going on in her flashbacks.  I couldn’t tell if that was her family that she was being detained with or not, but it’s obviously THE thing that’s twisted her.  I look forward to knowing more.  I just wonder how long that’s gonna take because it looks like Hibiki has royally f*cked her up.

Look at me saying things like “looking forward to” in reference to this series.  This is why I love anime. As much as I can become jaded or dismissive of something in this medium, it always finds a way to surprise me. Symphogear has found itself in the strange place of competing directly with a show for my attention.  The vastly superior in prodcution levels and expectations, Rinne no Lagrange. And right now Symphogear is barrelling ahead.  Gobbling up mecha and power armor anime, mahou shoujo seems to be my genre of choice this season.  Go Symphogear!  Go!

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