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#Lagrange ep6: Muginami has a bad case of “bad boyfriend” syndrome. #anime

[Rinne no Lagrange ep5]

Well, I knew this was gonna be a battle episode. Madoka had been itching for a fight ever since the very end of last episode.  Then again, i can’t blame anyone for feeling a little vindictive towards Ve- Va- … Mr. Vegemite!  He sh*t all over Muginami without a care in the world.  Though even though he did such a thing, I have to believe there’s some reason for him being such an a-hole.  I’m not saying it’s justifiable, I just want to know the backstory.

I thought the tone for the episode was quite nice. It was very clear from start to finish that this episode was going to be very serious.  And I guess some of the emotion, even the humor, got to me.  The conveyance of such a thing is what gets me to like a show.  It’s something Guilty Crown was only able to do two or three times during the fourteen episodes I watched.  Also, as usual the episode was stunningly beautiful.  I particularly liked the support launch for the weapons Madoka and Lan’s (“Woof!”) Vox were using.  It really looked stunning.

Speaking of stunning, just when I thought Muginami had made a decision, you see that she’s as attached to Mr. Vegemite as ever.  She got those crazy yandere-like eyes and became real spiteful with her words.  Sure Madoka is headstrong, pushy and righteous as hell, but you can’t blame a person for going out of their way to defend you.  In a strange twist, I actually took Madoka’s side on something.  I do guess that it was unrealistic to expect someone who was so attached to
another, to just get over it in the span of a day.

I didn’t particularly care for the combat in the episode.  I could hardly tell what was going on.  I didn’t care for the angles used; it felt very much like the camera was on the action too tightly.  Some, not all, of the humor fell flat for me, though I can definitely understand Madoka not get Lord Vegimite’s name right.  I sure as hell can’t hack it.  But the whole spiel about the energy drinks was kinda good so I’ll hack the humor up into a 50/50 split.

What really bugged me was classic reliance on lingo, jargon and catchphrases for stuff that we just don’t understand. Madoka and her Vox have a seizure that sprouts a bunch of flowers and paralyzes all those around her.  Then we see her Vox sprout branches and leaves and then flowers that float to the Earth.  That creepy guy Balance gets a hold of the situation and all of a sudden he’s giddy with glee.  He screams something about Rin-Ne blossoming and the episode ends.

Rinne no Lagrange feels like another show that is in love with its own mysteries and concept.  Things aren’t bad, but if I decide to keep watching this show, I hope that it tightens up a bit.  I need something to hold on to besides Muginami and the impressive visuals.
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