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Gundam AGE ep17: this love triangle is progressing rather quickly, AGE has never been a slow paced show though.


Zeheart seems to be falling for Romary rather quickly.  The show is taking the old school approach to making someone a romantic interest: save the lady’s life in a fancy manner.  The manner?  Mid-air intercept of errant wrench, protecting the lady’s health and beauty.  *thumbs up* I found it a little cliche, but it got the job done.

I see what the show is doing, and though the execution isn’t very slick, I won’t care so long as I get the results I want: bitterness and the tears of time.  Asemu and Zeheart have a shallow relationship right now.  They’re both rather ignorant of what each other are really doing, or what their true motives are.  The only things bringing them together are outside influences.  For Asemu, it’s his dad and by extension the Federation Forces who pull his chain; for Zeheart it’s of course the Vagan government/military.  And of course, Romary.

I think I see what Ghost was saying about the whole “War in the Pocket” feeling popping up.  If that’s true, then I can’t imagine a better piece of material for AGE to draw from.  For now, I just hope too much of this show in the beginning doesn’t revolve around Zeheart chasing the AGE-1 across colonies.  Gundam has a little habit of holding off on the title Gundam for a while.   Zeta and 00 being a pair classic examples, ZZ did this as well.

Matter of fact, that brings a point up.  How long has it been sincethe conclusion of the first series timeline?  Twenty five years or so right?  It amazes me that some of these mobile suits, or at least their designs are still being used after all that time.  Sure the AGE-1 supposedly had upgrades beneath the surface, but those Vagan mobile suits should be considered near ancient at this point.  Oh well, pet peeves and nitpicks for an otherwise solid series so far.

Congratulations AGE-1, you have at least one more episode left in you.  It’s almost romantic to see you hang on like this. You can still put those other machines to shame.  It looks like we’ll get to see Woolf again after all this time. Can’t wait for next week!

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