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#Nisemonogatari ep5: I can’t imagine that Araragi’s in a playful mood right now. Is this about revenge or solving the problem? #anime

What an inconvenient solution. I’m sorry, but I’d have to let my sister keep the fever.

This episode definitely knocked me out of my playful mood. Seeing what that Kaiki dude did just sent me into an internal rage. I don’t care if that was my sister or not, Araragi can’t be completely cool underneath. For now though, it feels like he’s doing the right thing… sort of.  He’s at least trying to address her pain and health before getting some payback.

Maybe it was because of my anger towards Kaiki that I was a little shorter tempered towards the show this week. I wasn’t in the mood for the playful art direction and editing, nor the ecchi fanservice the show seems to wallow in week to week. It also doesn’t help that I have personal distaste for siscon (which I know the show isn’t pointing towards, but they sure do tease it).

I’m getting the feeling that either his anger is either obviously misdirected, or Araragi’s anger is obviously misdirected BECAUSE he can’t get his hands on Kaiki. The guy who afflicted his sister did pass right by him that day. I don’t doubt that Kaiki knew exactly who Araragi was when they crossed paths.

There’s a fine line I have between a villain I admire, and one I despise. Right now Kaiki seems to be hiding behind a belief that whatever he does to people justifies his goals. He lives in it, he revels in it. And there’s something more despicable about it because he does it to kids.

He’s a test for Araragi. A test to see how far he’s come since Oshino has passed on that much I’m certain of. Everything else, well for the moment I seem to be blinded to it by my anger at this guy.
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  1. morning rescue
    February 5, 2012 at 12:52

    Is that so ? I actually admire the guy. Because his logic is internally consistent and he makes no pretense about his motives. There is no morality in business until it can translate into terms of profit (money, fame, connections, influence…). He might be a bastard, but he isn’t a hypocrite like most people out there and clearly states how the world works.

    Regarding this particular line of business (I don’t know the other jobs he has), he’s no more immoral than anybody in the arms industry. He’s clear about what kinds of services he offers (or doesn’t). Unlike normal scams, his charms actually work. All he needs to do is sit back and watch as the ugly humans with their own schemes arrive in droves. Almost everyone believes their action is right or justifiable (whether you’re a terrorist or a freedom fighter), and each of them believes in their own set of morals. When your job consists of dealing with such customers, you tend to either stop caring (rather than become a hypocrite), or quit your job. Frankly, my distaste for the guy is no greater than the customers and the malice that allow people like him to thrive in the first place.

    Karen tried to beat him up. Which would have solved nothing and landed her in trouble. She wasn’t even in the right to resort to violence prematurely. Ironically, Kaiki’s defending himself was justified since he was under an intentional and unlawful threat.

    • February 5, 2012 at 22:57

      Your logic is air tight, but I still don’t like the guy. I think he went more than a little too far with a mere spunky middle school kid. A can of mace, or a call to the police should have been sufficient. I cannot condone a potentially lethal fever as a means of self defense. It’s just… weird. But I’m nitpicking at this point.

      Sorry for the late reply. Sleep, then Super Bowl and all, but thanks for the comment.

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