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#Lagrange ep4: we’ve got a bit of a jealous rivalry going on here. Interesting. #anime

[Rinne no Lagrange eps1-3]

Now, they’re milking the hell out of this transfer student trope aren’t they? Muginami is super suspicious, but right now all I can tell is that she’s playing dumb and knows way more than she’s letting on. I suspect that she’s another one of the aliens, because she’s quite familiar with Lan’s lineage and title. Poor Lan, someone as introverted as her is just doomed to be outshone by outgoing and open types like Muginami. I’m tempted to make the Shini, Rei and Asuka comparisons here, but Madoka throws that idea right out the window.

Aside from the oh so good life of the three girls living things out on Earth, we see that our pretty boy aliens are in quite a spot when a handsome rugged alien dude shows up. He seems hostile at first, but then he asks for their help with something. I have no doubt it will be a combined attempt to try and capture the Vox machines. Also, the blonde pretty boy who got captured is mysteriously released from his cell and escapes with his machine. Looks like we have a mole in the building.

So far, so good I suppose. I wonder if my anger with this show will return when the combat starts up again. This episode was completely about the world outside or the upcoming stellar crisis, and this show seemed perfectly tolerable. Oh well, time will tell.

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