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#Nisemonogatari ep4: “We live until we die.” Araragi, you have an interesting harem. #anime

This was rather intense from start to finish.  I got the shock of seeing Hanekawa’s new look (she looks like she just ended a serious relationship, which I guess kinda did happen at the end of Bakemonogatari).  I got the shock of seeing Araragi almost smack one of his sisters. And I got the additional shock of seeing Shinobu pop out of the bath!  Geez!  There was a lot of tastefully, sensibly censored nudity in this episode.  I suppose the loli stuff might get a few of us anime lovers in trouble, too.  But it was Araragi’s conversation with Shinobu that left the lasting impression on me.

It’s nice to see that Oshino left some notes for Araragi with Shinobu.  Oh yes, I almost missed out on the shock of seeing Shinobu talk for half the episode. I knew she wasn’t a child, I just didn’t know she was old by vampire standards. Her and Araragi have an interesting relationship. I can’t even speculate on it fully because I haven’t seen Bakemonogatari’s prequel. The fact that there’s this cordial bitterness between these two tethered vampires just gives me this feeling of an old married couple. A couple that’s been married so long that they can openly talk about killing each other.

If only I could see inside Araragi’s head.  I can see why the females of this show find him so fascinating.  He gives off this impression that he truly cares and feels for these females. You can see he deeply cares for his sisters, but has a sort of rivalry with them at the same time.  They’re trying to play his game, but he doesn’t seem to like that for various reasons, mostly their health.  He cares for Sengoku, but hides behind obliviousness and his fear of Senjougahara. He cares for Suruga, but also probably fears her a little… and again hides behind Senjougahara. He cares for Hanekawa, but keeps things “professional”.  I think she may be the only one who could directly confront Senjougahara. And now there’s Shinobu (though she’s literally been there all along).  It really doesn’t get any more intimate than that. Oh… this is just delicious.

Now then, Araragi has a mission. And for now the target seems to be squarely on Kaiki. And there’s a time limit too.  I don’t care how tough that girl is, I don’t need to hear Shinobu’s stories to understand that anything that intense is going to kill Karen. I could not be enjoying a show more than Nisemonogatari right now.  I can’t wait for next week.
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