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Check-out Station: Guilty Crown ep1-12 (take everything good about anime, put it in a blender and what do you get?)

You get a really expensive mess. I’m not one of those people that had high hopes for Guilty Crown when the season previews started rolling out. So when the show didn’t impress me at the beginning, I didn’t pay much of a mind to it. However, when the show started to go from bland to terrible, that was unexpected. For all its earnest effort, something went wrong here. Something went terribly wrong.

The problem for me isn’t obvious, it’s not Shu. He’s not even unique. I’ve seen plenty of traumatized, selfish cowardly protagonists who are hard to stomach. It’s not Gai’s uber-perfection and scheming.  He’s a great planner, with a healthy amount of luck on his side. If I could not stomach him, then I could not stomach some of my favorite characters.  And amazingly it’s not the “princess” character, Inori. She too is just another one of those doll characters that have become so popular and such a stable of anime now since Rei Ayanami of Evangelion. I can even pull a character I like out of the mix. So it’s not the characters. The problem seems to be the very setting and presentation of the show.

Guilty Crown comes across to me as a very grand, and pretentious show. I’m supposed to care about the characters and their predicaments, but I don’t. It fails to make me care. The show seems too caught up in its own lingo and mysteries. The voids strike me as interesting things at first, but then just seem like convenient one-shot (or two-shot given episode 12) plot devices. And all in all nothing really stands out.  And to top it all off, the “final” episode of the first cour throws everything at the viewer at once.

I wish I could say I found the investment worth it, even if I didn’t find the show particularly “good”.  But Guilty Crown hasn’t even been consistently entertaining.  There’s only mildy entertaining characters at best.  Neither the Funeral Parlor or school parts of the show are memorable or even slightly entertaining.  And even the mecha in the show mirrow Guilty Crown‘s consistent failure to impress.  I don’t find the pretty, or cool, or memorable.  It’s all a lot of bland material in a very fancy glass.  And I’m done.  Now I will say that if the show manages to miraculously impress during  its final half, then I may pick this show back up after its completed run.  So let me know, but I’m not holding my breath.  I suspect the SCCSAV will have some fun with this show in the future though.

Further Reading:

  • I’m not just kissing butt here.  ‘s post on the first half of Guilty Crown totally nailed what the show is trying to do and why it fails at it.  It’s a benchmark read for anyone who has seen the show up until this point.
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