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DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: January 16th (am I watching anime, or the Playboy channel?)

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!  And for those of you that don’t think it’s a real holiday and don’t earnestly celebrate it, you’re a racist!  Black people, I’m talking to you too!  Learn your holidays you lazy kids.  *grabs cane and shakes it*  I have to say, it’s been one hell of a productive week, at least as far as anime goes anyway.  Outside of anime and manga it’s been kinda rough.  I’m on the verge of beating Skyward Sword when the Motion Plus breaks, the washing machine breaks, I lose a 32 gig SD card…  dear lord!  Anime has been a respite!  So I hope you enjoy what comes across as an extra level of enthusiasm for one of the few things that have been awesome possum for me this week.  Anime, you are my sanctuary!

Anime Images of the Week

Every year you get a season or two that people call “the worst ever”.  I never buy into that.  There’s always a nice surprise in the wings, and you just have to be patient and open minded to see it.  Highschool of the Dead for example is a atrocious production in terms of execution, but it is an amazingly entertaining piece of media.  And that brings me to the biggest thing that probably happened this week.  Guilty Crown.


I remember being a quality fag and hater towards Highschool of the Dead, and Guilty Crown sincerely makes me regret that.  I laughed at HOTD, but it had plenty of moments of genuine awesome.  I don’t think it took itself completely seriously, and it allowed viewers to more easily absorb the insanity in it.  But Guilty Crown takes itself absolutely and completely seriously.  And that’s when little moments like Shu freaking out and running away in one episode became laugh out loud funny to me.  Just the other week I lauded this very show for giving me a genuinely quality episode.  Then a marathon  the show and get an ever increasing amount of crap.  All of a sudden we see this old douchebag try to marry this half dead alien alien concubine so that he may father a new human race.  “Please show!  That lack of common sense you’re holding onto, may I have some more?”  It felt rushed, it felt chopped, it felt too far out of left field and too late for me absorb or give a damn about.  And it mistakenly assumes that it has done enough in the previous eleven episodes to make the viewers feel affected by character death in the most hammy way possible.  Dear lord!  Give me back my HOTD!  I need a season two!

I chose Nisemonogatari for my image of the week.  And I did so in full confidence because I am so far enjoying this show on a pure level.  I just plain love it.  The second episode was just (as I put it in my previous post), sex in conversation.  I don’t know how it expected you to pay attention to the banter with a raging boner, but it did.  It’s too a little too bad that the plot wasn’t really moved forward so much.  Some people are getting annoyed with Nisemonogatari‘s habit of playing with its viewers.  But personally, I’m enjoying the tease.

The biggest surprise for me this week came from some obscure NoitaminA anime called, Thermae Romae.  I was not ready.  It’s unique, pretty damn funny, and refreshingly short.  Plus I enjoyed seeing a little reversal of the racism.  Had a good laugh when the out of place Roman called those Japanese men “flat-faced slaves”.  Someone at that studio (or whoever wrote the manga) knows how to laugh at themselves.  I hear episode two is lung-busting hilarity.  I can’t wait!

In the middle of the pack are Kill Me Baby, Bodacious (Badass) Space Pirates and Symphogear.  I’m beginning to come to terms with the face that Kill Me Baby is probably going to be a good consistently funny show, though rarely laugh out loud juggernaut.  And that is something I’m fine with having.  It’s an incredibly easy watch, and may prove to be a great gateway anime in the future.  I’m highly optimistic about its future.  Space Pirates is continuing a slow build hopefully towards some crazy and entertaining action.  And I’m fine with that, because this series is starting to look more planned out and introspective than I anticipated.  There’s subtext here to be played with, and that leads not only to a good watch, but many subsequently good rewatches.  Symphogear remains unimpressive, but it doesn’t do anything wrong to make me want to drop it.  Hopefully in the first five episodes this series can give me something to grasp onto.  I’m not saying this show will be an easy or quick drop.  I just don’t want to wait to be impressed by a show like this.  There are some legendary and really popular mahou shoujo series out there that I can be watching right now.

At the bottom of what I watched is Rinne no Lagrange.  It’s not a badass show, at least by first episode standards.  But I keep seeing these warning signs that make me think this show won’t be about the mecha or the sci fi as much as I’d like.  The only time I’ve ever wanted my moe to mix with my mecha has been in Strike Witches.

I got a hold of some classic mecha while I was at it this week, too.  Macross Plus is BOSS!  And that’s just from first impressions from the first episode.  I was three minutes into the production when I though, “I need this.  I need this in my life.  I can’t wait to finish it.  It makes my nostalgia rise.  And I got to watch two outstanding episodes from Eureka 7.  I’m up to the Charles and Ray arc right now.  The next few episodes should be very entertaining.

Oh wait!  I’m not gonna forget about Gundam AGE like I did last week!  It really does look like this show is coming to the end of its first cour.  Which means it really needs to be showing us what it can do in the action and storytelling department.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s doing an admirable job.  It’s just a bit predictable to us oldfags who’ve seen our cute, but doomed female “Newtypes” doomed to see the “tears of time”.  Plus it’s hard to get emotionally invested in the characters when things have been moving at such a fast pace, and we don’t really get that much time for some solid character development.  On the upside, Desil looks to be a very good villain.  He’s got all the right traits and no morale hangups about what he’s doing.  I’m glad I didn’t get to see him turned to fine, burnt space dust composite.  He too shall nom-nom on the tears of time… in due …uh, time.

That was a close call.  If I like this show as much as I say I do, I can’t ever forget to add it to a post.  *whew!

Manga Images of the Week

Alright!  My Shounen JUMP material is back in full swing!  It’s just not the same without the Big 4 (One Piece, Naruto, Bleach and Hunter X Hunter).  And topping that list is Hunter X Hunter, it’s back in full swing and feels genuinely like the Hunter of old.  It’s clever, fast paced, brutal and ruthless.  And to add the cherry on top, we get to see Hisoka play around in this arc!  It is wonderful!  Absolutely wonderful!

Bleach is taking an interesting turn.  It seems that Ichigo has finally matured.  And we actually see someone die in this manga.  I’m interested to see what Kubo does with his newly resurrected shinigami substitute.  This isn’t like One Piece where the characters are on a long quest with goals.    In a way, this series is going to have to pick up its left over pieces and build from scratch.

With One Piece, Naruto and Hajime no Ippo there isn’t much to say.  Naruto adds to his list of badges by making a giant monster vomit.  I can’t complain.  Naruto has a large cast, and I can’t blame Kishimoto for going back and giving the series’ titular character some additional panels.  In One Piece, I think Luffy is just trying to pick a fight.  But I’m interested to see if him and his crew have progressed enough to challenge one of the Four Emperors.  And Hajime no Ippo is doing its best to show me what a scatterbrain Ichigaki is.  It’s embarrassing at this point.

Pervy Images of the Week

I’m very clear with this.  Nisemonogatari‘s second episode is one of the hottest, most erotic and sensual episodes of anime I’ve ever watched.  And I’ve seen some impressive hot springs episodes.  Whether it was Nadeko’s thighs, or Suruga’s back, this made me say I’m proud to be a fan of this show.  It was so hot that some people joked that it’s anime’s version of Playboy magazine.  That’s alright.  I’m sure we’ll get plot, eventually.  If the show’s gonna be like this for awhile, I can wait.

Anything following that is gonna have trouble standing out.  So even with all the sexual insanity inside of Yuria 100 Shiki’s pages pailed in comparison.  Though I do wonder if Shunsuke will ever see Yuria as a viable sex partner.  All he does is practice his wrestling move on her when she’s not trying to rape him.  You really have no idea how this manga is going to end or evolve.  That is if Yuria 100 Shiki plans on evolving at all.

Sundome seems like it’s devolving.  For all the erotic and romantic moments in this manga, it still spends way too much time in the rather grosser areas of its choice fetishes.  A little less of the golden showers would be appreciated.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Once again I wasn’t able to squeeze everything in my queue into my watch queue, and consequently into this post.  After all that yuri manga that I’d been reading , you’d think I would continue that trend, but I guess I get a bit of a break this week.  And I really need to stop faffing about and finish Kami Nomi season 2.  So many things to watch, so little free time for it all.  I leave with no regrets though.  I hope you have a happy MLK Day (or MiLK, as we like to jokingly say, who’s we?  People!  Don’t worry about it)!  I’ll see you guys next week!

Further Reading:

  • Today’s Andrea Chii’s birthday, so I want anyone reading this to stop by her blog and leave a comment.  Hopefully a nice one.  She’ll cover me in maple syrup and sacrifice me to the bees if I send her a bunch of trolls.
  • After their stellar commentary on Mawaru PenguinDrum, I’m glad “Altair” and “Vega” are moving onto other projects.  One of them being the concise deconstruction of why Guilty Crown sucks monkey balls
  • Emote your goddamn Gundam!
  • Moretsu Pirates?  No!  Bodacious Space Pirates?  No!  It’s Bitchin’ Space Pirates dumbass!  Get it together!
  • I guess if you want to actually watch Nisemonogatari for more than eye candy, then I suppose you better have Emperor J explain the subtle details to you when you’re done.  Pft!  I could watch this with the sound off… no wait!  If did that then I couldn’t hear Suruga’s panting!
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