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#MacrossPLUS OVA pt1: “battle of the douchebags” #anime

Well this left a good first impression. They establish the main character and his predicament and situation pretty quickly and clearly. He’s an ace pilot who kicks ass and balls, and also he’s a huge pain in the ass to everyone he meets. He’s so much of pain in the ass that they don’t even care about how effective he is in combat and decide to demote him through transfer.

What I can’t figure out is who gets demoted by becoming a test pilot?! That’s retarded! The man is so good that he gets bored in combat, so you send him some place with the latest and greatest tech. Yeah, I would be real broken up about that, too. Not!

And then we get a nice st up for a rivalry and then a set up for a love triangle (which I thought was pretty overly dramatic, but still par for the era). We even get hints that the rival pilot may be messing with some dangerous tech that has ill side effects on his mind. He really does look inhuman, sitting on that cockpit all Buddha-like.

I think I’m going to like this little slice of the Macross universe. The fluid and detailed animation and combat, along with some decent characters are matched well so far, in what appears to a fun summer movie. My only regret is not anticipating a mini-marathon of this. I would have gladly devoured this in one night. See? I can enjoy something that isn’t socked in the “tears of time.”

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