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#BodaciousPirate ep2: I’m slowly earning more respect for this entire production. #anime

That respect started off with Ririka, Marika’s mom, I was a little
flabbergasted early on at why she would hold so much information from
her daughter, but it seems that she at least had a plan. It’s one
thing in my mind to say you’re gonna do something before you die; it’s
another thing entirely to say you’ll do it when she hits adulthood.
And like a true (badass) mom, she handles the transition smoothly
without visibly batting an eye. Late evening target practice? Yup,
that’s how (badass) moms and daughters do it.

I see the show is taking a leisurely and relatively realistic pace
towards Marika joining the Bentenmaru. Last time her piloting accumen
was observed, this time she’s taking a shot at cyber warfare. it
looks like she’s going to delve into all aspects of the ship before
she becomes a captain. Even someone who appears to be a hidden member
of the crew pointed so much out. Understaning who and what you’re
leading will make you a better leader. I can definitely respect that.

Still don’t exactly know what Chiaki’s deal is, whether she’s a fellow
pirate or what? She can’t be a part of the Bentenmaru, you would
think the helmsman would recognize her. So I’m leaning more towards
her being a pirate for another crew, possibly even a rival. At the
very least, I think they’ll be friends of some sort. Decent episode.
Looking forward to next week, too.
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  1. January 15, 2012 at 14:41

    I think I pretty much have Chiaki down as a member of the Bentenmaru crew who is there to test the new captain. Everything bit of dialogue between the two seems to be trying to provoke a reaction out of Marika, not in a bad way.

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