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DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: Jan. 9th (The courage to use my best friend as a bottle opener.)

I suppose everyone who has made resolutions for 2012 are well into enacting/ suffering through their choices. One of mine is to more consistently tend to my blog, which was woefully neglected for too much of 2011. And the Winter 2012 season is making this task quite easy. Not only am I finding interesting new series to delve into, but what I already have on my plate is good to outstanding. And despite the fact that much of my Shounen JUMP material is on vacation, I had no trouble finding interesting manga to read either. It’s a good start, to what is so far a good year. Let’s get started!

Anime Images of the Week

Oh Break Blade!  Oh Break Blade!  How you sobering can you be?  I was riding high off of the last movie, but then I get to the fifth one and the guy I’ve been swooning over kicks the bucket!  Damn it!  That was such a brutal, pointless series of a events that I was tempted to go all flamer, butt-hurt blogger on the series.  But I refrained.  The movies still have wonderful production values, are superbly directed, and has mecha action to die for.  It’s just that when an anime gets depressing, it seldom goes halfway.  I think I’ll steal some phrases from across the pond and say, “things have gone tits” or “it’s gone pear-shaped”.  You guys correct me if I’ve said it wrong.

I’ve started dipping into the new Winter season recently, and doing so blindly reminds me why I tend to have a policy of going into a show blind, and ignorant.  With anime, the concepts and tropes can often turn me off in a snap (*cough* Harem! *cough*).  So I was pleasantly pleased to see some new shows catch my attention and genuinely get me excited about them.  A show like Kill Me Baby being an example.  Normally I would just look at the animation, read the concept and go, “nope!  Already gave Nichijou a shot and this doesn’t look any better.”  But I LOVED the first episode!  When adorable doesn’t turn annoying, and the characters aren’t going “nyah” every sentence, then it’s possible for me to give it a fair shot.  It also helps that I thought it was quite funny.  The show already has gotten a nice amount of attention just from that ending theme animation & dance, too.  I haven’t enjoyed the animation & song for an ending this much since Kore Wa Zombie (Pink Chainsaw) I can’t wait for the next episode.

The other three shows I got to check out were Nisemonogatari, Bodacious Space Pirates and Symphogear.  Nisemonogatari is of course the sequel to a personal favorite anime of mine, Bakemonogatari.  So my approach to the show could go one of two ways.  First, I could watch the show in awe and just gush about everything I love constantly.  Or second, I could watch the show with the intent to of seeing if it matches up to the first series with intense judgement and pessimism.  It’s a bit extreme to take either side, but I went with the gushing fanboy approach to this show.  I certainly want to see Araragi make progress in his life and relationships.  It’s a dream of mine to watch an anime that deals well with two main characters being in a relationship.  The legendary and notorious Kare Kano (His & Her Circumstances), accomplishing that goal most completely.  But Bakemonogatari in its own way dealt with its main characters being in a relationship, and not just courtship, for a decent portion of the show.  Don’t get me wrong, I still expect Araragi to be a pitiful, shameful soul with a heart of gold (and a bit of a pedophile, if ghosts count), but I also care to see if he can manage to evolve into a somewhat normal, healthy balance in his life.  Things can’t continue the way they do now.  The first episode quite openly addressed this with some clever conversation.

In short, I have the courage to believe that Nisemonogatari can get much, much better.

Now then, Bodacious Space Pirates (I think it was called Miniskirt pirates at one point) is a show that I’m not really that high on, but I see a lot of potential for a very fun series.  It just becomes a matter of what direction this show plans on taking.  I’m hoping and expecting it to be a lot more high flying, explosive, fast- paced and crazy action; as opposed to another show where it spends a majority of its time fooling around in a way overdone high school setting.  I have hope, and I really like the ED theme.

Symphogear is a show I decided to checkout based on the “WTF” tweets that kept popping up in my timeline.  And it’s definitely “WTF”, a strange mix of Saint Seiya and Precure styles (two styles that aren’t really that far apart), with a heavy emphasis on music as a theme.  Hell, the magical girls in this show sing during combat (I suppose to gather power)!  And the show is surprisingly brutal with a lot of death and sacrifice taking place in this first episode.  I think the show may be over doing it, and it’s a weird mix, but I’ll give this show a fair five episode test.

I guess the last section of this anime post will go to all the currently airing and formerly airing series from last season and last year.

Kami Nomi got a improptu marathon last week where I got to see some filler and the Chitose arc.  I think it’s reignited my passion for the series since the Haqua arc.  An arc that I thought was painfully slow and extended.  And is the reason why I have yet to finish the second season.  Maybe I’ll even pick the manga back up again since I’m not sure when the 3rd season will air.

Guilty Crown really, really surprised me with a very well done ninth episode.  For once, the show hit its mark and had some good emotion to go along with its wonderful production values.  I seriously worry about whether this series can keep it up.  I surprised myself when I decided to pick this series up and didn’t immediately dump it.  It’s getting a review once I finally get to its eleventh episode, and surprise like that was desperately needed.  I don’t know if it will pass, but I’ve given it a fair shot.

I’ve dived head first back into Fairy Tail after a very long break from the series (not as long as my breaks from Bleach and Naruto, but that’s still pretty bad).  The Edolas arc has been…  pretty damn fun  to be honest.  It may be my favorite arc so far.  But it looks like a surprise has popped up and I’m not quite done with it, yet.  I’m very much looking forward to writing about this show again, given the opportunity.

And last, but definitely not least is Eureka Seven.  I have made no secrets that I’ve had problems with that show for years now, with multiple failed attempts at rewatching and properly completing the series.  But I think I may finally be in the right mindset to finish it.  I watched episodes fourteen through nineteen recently and had a lot of fun.  And one of the best parts of the series (a part I did get to watch completely) is coming up.  I may have to give Vucub Caquix credit again for getting me off my ass and completing another masterpiece (Shiki, PenguinDrum).

Manga Images of the Week

With Shounen JUMP still being on vacation last week, I didn’t have the usual picks and variety I enjoy.  It really highlights my lack of variety in manga reads.  With me you get shounen, yuri and ecchi/pervy, and not much else.  Maybe I should I should think of investing in other areas of manga.  You would think with my love of mecha I’d pick up one of the many mecha manga out there, but I just haven’t tried.  Oh well, yuri and pervy it is this week.  And even then, I didn’t get to everything.  No Yuria 100 Shiki, Nana to Kaoru or Sundome this week, the core of my pervy manga empire.

I love Girl Friends.  That’s no secret, but the manga is a terrible tease (also not a secret) and can be torture to read on a slow weekly basis like I do.  That said, when the show gives you what it wants, the pay off is great.  This week, GREAT!  I won’t spoil it, the collage should be spoiler enough if you know what to look for.

The second yuri manga is the newly picked up Hanjuku Joshi.  This show doesn’t seem to want to just hang out near where my pervy manga hang out.  If the manga were on different sides of the park depending on genre, then I could see Hanjuku Joshi crossing right over and hanging out with the likes of Yuria 100 Shiki and Nana to Kaoru.  There was a lot of kissing, but there was also a good amount of exposure and foreplay.  An eyes-widening experience for someone who was only expecting pecks and a lot of teasing from this series.  I don’t know if I can really recommend it to anybody yet.  Though I’m glad to see the series isn’t taking its time trying to establish the characters and their motives.

Yuri manga number three is the very not sexualized Hayate X Blade.  It’s the complete opposite.  I don’t see Jun and Hayate kissing anytime soon.  More so I can see Jun tossing Hayate down a well!  But the action has been decent and I’m hoping to finally fall in love with this series soon.  I think I just need to buckle down a read a good amount of chapters in one day.

And the one non-yuri manga I read this week would be the long forgotten Good Ending.  The series is getting more honest and more complicated at the same time, but I don’t know how much this series is going to delve into cliches and tropes.  And that worries me.  It’s still heartfelt and focused on romance.  It’s just the other stuff that I worry about.

Pervy Images of the Week

Aside from anime, if there’s one thing I wasn’t short on, it was pervy images, especially boobs.  Lots and lots of boobs!  Thankfully, there was some food fanservice (which I’ll make more of an effort to include in the future) and some classy artistic Shinbo fanservice as well.  Not mention Hanjuku Joshi’s tongue on nipple action.  Variety is the spice of life.  Even boobs have to be mixed in with something else for aesthetics.

Well, it’s been an interesting and fun week.  Hopefully I’ll get more shounen manga to watch.  Hopefully I’ll finish Kami Nomi, Break Blade and the Edolas arc of Fairy Tail this week.  And I’m hoping those of you reading this come back for the next post and comment.  I wouldn’t mind someone reading this and telling me how they felt about the anime and manga they read this week, last week or whenever.  I’ll even take pervy manga recommendations.  So hopefully when I come and check back on the post I can have a conversation with someone for once.  See you guys next time!

P.S.  Oh crap!  I completely forgot to talk about Gundam AGE!  Fudge!  Alright!  Just read the post I made about it recently.  The show is still fun, so check it out!

Further Reading:

  • I don’t much care to try to watch everything that comes out in a season.  Though I find AnimeVision’s quick posts on these episodes enlightening.  I doubt it, but maybe I’ll pick up more series from this season as the word (good or bad) arrives.
  • I really got something out of Emperor J’s take on the first episode of Nisemonogatari.  I hope he’ll be blogging this show throughout.  Shinbo directed shows often need a little bit of not only play-by-play, but someone needs to point out the angles some of us may not be thinking of at the time.
  • Ghost, as always, can link anything to Macross.  Though in the case Symphogear I think the comparison is more than a little warranted.  This may be the perfect mahou shoujo for him.  HA!
  • Scamp is full of crap!  He knows he loves this show!  Sure they didn’t spend their budget on… anything!  But they still got that ED animation!
  1. January 12, 2012 at 21:48

    I cannot stop watching that ending theme of “Kill Me Baby”. Yauselrama linked it to me the other day on twitter, as I’m sure you may recall. AMAZING. That may force me to check out the show. A show with that great an ending theme can’t be terrible…right? RIGHT?

    And the show I’m most looking forward to is Bodacious (Badass) Space Pirates . Sentai picked this puppy up fast so you know it’s hot.

    • January 12, 2012 at 23:40

      Anything – ANYTHING can take a nose dive. I’ve learned that the hard way. But I really do hope you pick it up (I’m not really part of the Crunchroll community, so I’m a bit out of the loop). Despite the name, it’s not really anymore violent than a Looney Tunes or Disney cartoon. My kids even enjoyed it. So I hope we’ll be having conversations about how fun this series is a 6 months to a year from now.

      I look forward to the second episode of a show more than the first very often. That’s when the expectations start to get weighed, and the judgement begins in earnest. Often that first week is just a *expletive* waving contest to get viewers’ attentions. I’ll be very interested to see what the first 4 or 5 episodes of (Badass) Space Pirates has to say about itself.

  2. January 14, 2012 at 11:46

    I do pester you to watch a lot of shows, don’t I?

    • January 14, 2012 at 14:31

      indeed, but it’s not like it hasn’t panned out. And it’s also not as if I don’t run my mouth on Twitter enough for people to know exactly what I am and am not watching.

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