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DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: Jan. 2nd (Happy New Year! …now put your pants back on.)

It’s amazing how some people choose to spend their first day of a new year.  Some spend it in church.  That’s understandable.  Not my way mostly, but it’s still fine.  I’ve had enough of midnight mass or church, it just feels weird to me.  I’ll save my fellowship for daytime.  *ahem!*  The rant has ended.  Then there are those people that choose to spend it with family, a personal favorite of mine.  You can drink whatever you want with people who probably won’t rob you when you’ve passed out on the floor… or in the bathtub.  Don’t ask.  And you never have to worry about how you’re getting home with a BAC (blood alcohol content) that could very well be a Major League baseball player’s batting average, while avoiding police checkpoints.

Then there are who have to spend that time; the very waxing hours of the morning, the day, the year, at work.  And depending on the profession, you have to spend that time with the a-holes who seem to choose to spend their first hours of 2012 in the hospital or jail.  You morons make me sick and are the reason why I prefer to spend my waxing hours doing what I did, watching anime.  The holiday vacation time is a good time to catch up on many things.  I’m happy to say I caught up or started some nice material, and unlike the post I had there’s a much greater variety.  So for those of you who, like me, enjoy all things anime,  here are my anime, manga and pervy (hooray) images of the week.

I’m hoping 2012 will be a very Mecha-rific year.  I’m having thoughts of finishing VOTOMS, Legend of the Galactic Heroes and even check out some old school, classic super robot anime from the 70’s (think Go Nagai).  But I have some unfinished business that I must handle first.  I need to take care of some unfinished business with Eureka 7.  And it felt good.  I can see where old worries and gripes are going to come up again, but I don’t regret where I decided to restart the show, and I don’t regret putting it before other projects either.  It’s too important a show, especially for a mecha veteran like myself.

Anime Images of the Week

I had a hell of a time finally picking Break Blade back up again as well.  I watched movies one through three several months ago, and for no good reason stopped watching until last week.  The fourth movie was stellar, and I really can’t wait to finish it.  I think I may have a classic mecha on hand.

Since I’m talking about mecha already I may as well get to Gundam AGE.  I still think it’s far too early to worry about this show being a classic or a dud (so much could go wrong or right during its long run).  I’m becoming a fan, but it reminds me of Fairy Tail.  Like that show, AGE is an entertaining show that so far has not shown me anything spectacular.  I’ve seen good to very good, but I’ve never been knocked out of the park.  I’m still waiting for both shows to break out of that.

At the bottom of what I’ve watched is the pseudo-mecha show, Guilty Crown.  Surprise, surprise!  Episode eight did NOT piss me off, or disappoint me.  It was a perfectly adequate show.  It’s just too bad that this series needs much more than adequate for me to think it’s worth watching through two full seasons.

Manga Images of the Week

I greatly enjoy my manga, but depending on the circumstances I don’t always get to everything in my queue within that week.  Too often last year, the absence of a quiet place to read has left unable to make progress for weeks.  So being able to read a chapter from ten different series is really a banner week for me.

I had the most fun reading One Piece and Hunter X Hunter (which I unfortunately did  not get around to commenting on last week).  I love how after all this time Oda always seems to put Luffy in the perfect situation, acting in the perfect manner.  Seeing him declare war on one of the Four Emperors really got me and I’m sure everyone reading excited.  And I’m glad to see there won’t be much downtime between arcs.  As for Hunter X Hunter, it’s still good, super smart shounen battle manga.  Hisoka really is just a fun, impossible to ignore character.  And I’m always excited to see him featured in any part of the series.  I’m also hoping we’ll see Kurapika sometime soon.  He has been missed.

Naruto had  a good, relatively even chapter last week.  Some may scoff at Naruto’s methods and Kishimoto’s goals, but everyone reading should’ve seen show’s focus for years.  No sense in complaining now.  They should enjoy riding what may be the last wave.  It still hasn’t hit the lows of Bleach.  It is concluding a very entertaining “comeback” arc for Ichigo, but the latest chapter left me less than whelmed.

Oh before I move on, guess what?  My Lovely Ghost Kana doesn’t fall into the pervy category this week.  Now that’s a surprise.  Even more of a surprise is that the show seems to know how to have its characters interact in dramatic, and slice-of-life stories as well.  When I first started reading this manga I thought it was going to be all sex and tragedy.  I was wrong, this series appears to be full fleshed out.  Oh, I almost forgot!  Nana to Kaoru did the same thing.  I can’t remember the last time a chapter from Nana to Kaoru had a completely nonsexual chapter.  I’m left guessing that there are pretty slim odds I’ll be doing that again amongst all the pervy manga I have in my queue.

Pervy Images of the Week

Best pervy manga reading week I’ve had in awhile, even with a couple of series going “soft” on me and focusing on romance for a chapter.  I do think I  need to finish Sundome sooner than later though.  I’m starting to find that series less sexy and more gross on a chapter by chapter basis.  Plus, the mystery in this series can only be strung out for so long.

I guess the best, most quality example of pervy manga this week was Hanjuku Joshi.  It’s a yuri manga, and so far a very hot one.  I  hope that I can get in a few more chapters of it this week and see if it’s a good quality overall read.

I hope everyone had a good, happy New Year celebration.  And I thank each and everyone of you who stopped by.  I got a few projects lined up and hopefully I’ll be able to get around to watching and everything I have planned.  And as usual, I hope to put out consistent blog posts.  That almost never works out though.  See you guys later!

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