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Eureka7 ep13: loud and squirelly. That’s Renton alright.

I decided to pick up from here simply because I’ve watched the first cour of this show several times from the begining and there’s really no point of going over it again.  I’m determined to properly knock this show out in 2012, so I’m not f*cking around.  That said, this really was a good place to pick back up again. Right after the Seven Swell Event.

It was interesting to see the contrast between the two couples.  Both at this point having a very long way to go.  Dominic seems to be a somewhat impatient guy, but he’s incredibly patient and understanding of Anemone.  He may be trying to disguise it as duty.  But he’s going above and beyond for other reasons, or else he wouldn’t be coddling her; he’d be using his command voice.

And Renton… well all these years since watching the show and he’s exactly as I remember him.  Loud.  And squirrelly.  And for someone who is incredibly ignorant about the world, he learns quickly how to get around it.  I shudder to think how lost Dominic would be without Renton during that trip.

The last few minutes of the episode are quite beautiful and there’s a lot of staring going on.  Renton’s natural skill and blessing of being accepted by the Type Zero have firmly set him in Dominic’s eyes as his key rivals.  I’m not sure what Renton really thinks of Dominic in turn, as he seems like just a screwy uptight guy.  But he won’t ever forget Anemone.  And Holland… yeah, I can tell what kind of mood Holland is in within a 3 second span.  There’s something a bit painfully dark about him during this part of the show.  A gifted pilot and leader like him should make him immediately likable, but he really is missing something.  Or maybe it’s a matter of him not having “it”, but rather having lost “it”.
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