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Final Anime Images of the Year: December 26th (It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.)

It’s finally time for one of those delicious year end posts.  Though in my case, it doesn’t really end much.  This has been a lean year, relatively speaking.  But that’s because I’ve had a change in responsibilities, just a bit.    Not to mention that I’m just now finally mastering how to watch, capture and blog anime from a tablet.  Why I have to do this I’d rather keep a bit private.  I’ll just say that tapping into a PC isn’t always possible or reliable.  Some times you gotta do your blogging on the fly,  like spec ops or something.

What did I do with this new found mastering of the portable arts?  I watched the hell out of some anime and microblogged the sh*t out of it, too!  Even my manga watching and blogging has taken a hit, but that will be back soon as well.  So without further faffing about, here are my anime and manga images of the week.

Anime and Manga Images of the Week

I don’t know what got into me these past two weeks.  I just told myself (while playing Skyward Sword) that I haven’t watched enough anime this year and I want to fix that.  That started with my desire to catch up with Fairy Tail, which was the hot new shounen anime on the scene at the beginning of this year.  Not that weird Toriko or Beelzebub crap that people seem to like now.  But something changed along the way.  My guilt and curiosity in regards to Mawaru PenguinDrum had sat and festered for so long that I was dying to watch it.  It took a slight nudge from Vucub Caquix (can’t pronounce that name to save my life) to get me to pick up the show.  That and the fact that Kanjouteki was doing a wonderful job taking the fansubs and converting the show into the MP4 container with beautiful subs so that I could watch the show when it was most convenient for me.  And I was rewarded with one of the most rewarding marathons and shows since I started watching anime.

Mawaru PenguinDrum was a serious, creative and involved show.  It’s classic, traditional anime and something else entirely different at the same time.  I’ve already covered the subject of this show in decent enough detail.  I have those links at the bottom of the post for you.

My other marathon subject has been Fairy Tail, the Edolas arc.  It appears to be basically one of those doppelganger type stories where you expect to go some place and see your alter ego, or your evil twin.  But it’s more complicated and nuanced than that.  I’ve enjoyed seeing the mangaka show us a world on the brink of losing its most precious resource.  It’s very easy to make the connection between magic in their world and oil in ours.  You wonder how desperate our society and governments would be should we find that our limited resources are but mere decades away from extinction.

Even better than that has been the action.  I’m very close to the end of the arc now and it’s nice to see some characters who haven’t been getting much action lately show up and smash some heads.  I won’t get too detailed into the arc though.  It’s partially because I’m not finished, and also partially because I may do a post on it in the future.  I will say that this is washing the taste of that somewhat disappointing  Oracion Seis arc out of my mouth nicely.

Other series I’m following are Guilty Crown, Mirai Nikki, Hunter X Hunter (2011) Gundam AGE (of course) and One Piece should be getting picked up again soon.  Until then I’ll leave you with my pervy images of the week.  And I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Pervy Images of the Week

Quote of the Day: “Cake Assault”

  1. December 26, 2011 at 14:47

    Microblogged? Is this like tweeting or like posting one-sentence points?

    • December 27, 2011 at 01:51

      That’s pretty much exactly what it is. Microblogging (as I understand it) is Twitter, or Tumblr, or generally something like my mobyposts where I post a pic (collage) and write a few sentences or a couple of paragraphs about something. So it can be anything between a text message in size to a one page paper in length.

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