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#PenguinDrum ep20: Mr. Happy Pants! Nooo! This world is far more twisted than I previously believed. #anime

So this episode answered a lot of the questions I was asking in the previous post. Shouma really is her “fated” person. A phrase and ideal I will once again say I hate. And I’m not saying that because I’m butthurt about Kanba potentially not getting with Himari. Though a lot of information has at this point, not only sunk in, but settled.

Himari really isn’t a blood relation. She’s been adopted basically, which makes Kanba’s lust for her more palpable, somewhat. It also seems that (as I said in the title) this world is far more twisted than I realized. I thought the boiler room, and that area behind the library were all part of some pseudo-reality. I believed they were all accessed through some portal, like the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Bros. But it seems that I was dead wrong. Shouma and Kanba’s dad knew all about it. That boiler room is a real and tangible place that people know of and accept. That’s horrible! Hundreds of these kids, just thrown away and converted into nothingness. An unseen force. I wonder… are the penguins the result of the boiler room? Or am I taking this too far?

I’ve gone on quite the little marathon with this show since the long hiatus I put it on months ago. I thought I wouldn’t really understand this show until a second watch, and that may still be true. But it doesn’t seem that my less than perfect understanding of this show has prevented me from fully enjoying it. It seems that all I needed was a little patience and the show would come to me. Im getting it! Im finally getting it. And I may have finally found the one show this year that rivals anything I’ve seen in anime, depending on how it ends of course.

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