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#GundamAGE ep11: I got a somewhat bad Four Murasume vibe from Flit’s encounter with Yurin. #anime

Seeing as how Newtypes and Cyber-Newtypes are the only things I can compare the UE to, tha’s the best comparison I can come up with for now. Those moments between the two seemed a little bit rushed. But the alternative probably would’ve been two episodes without any real action in a row.

It looks like the Feddies aren’t completely hands off when it comes to this situation. They can’t afford to send any soldiers to help take care of the UE, but they definitely have spare time and resources to
court-martial a rogue commander. They’re right there to get in the way of Grodek’s plans.

Which brings up something that baffles me. I don’t see why the crew helping him would be rebels and accomplices now, when they’ve been helping him all this time. Sure, the Feddies might not have known they were willing participants, but that still seems to reasonable for how the Earth governments usually handle these situations. I’m expecting a little more corruption and sloth here.

Finally, it seems we have quite a bit of sexual attraction brewing on the ship. A pair of love triangles even. It makes me a bit weary because depending on how dark the show wants to be, these things can be farmed and cultivated for later emotional currency and shock value down the line. I can almost guarantee that it’s been done in every major Gundam series aired. Darker shows like Zeta and Victory abused this technique. I think only G Gundam (unless you count the man-love between Domon and Master Aisha) avoided pulling this trick.
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