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#GundamAGE ep9: I guess we’re all done with the foreplay. And we finally got our masked man. #anime

Time to check off that cliché.

Not a bad episode. It felt like it went by extremely quickly. But I’d usually much rather prefer an episode that runs for 30 minutes and feels like 10. As opposed to an episode that feels like an hour.

So Yark Dole is our masked man, that kid from episode 5 seems to be calling the shots to an extent within the UE, and it seems pretty clear that the UE mobile suits are at the very least unmanned. Are they a hived minded collective AI, or remotely controlled or something else I can’t tell. It still leaves me wondering what the hell is the overall point of the UE though? That part all seems to point to Feddie black ops, or a rogue Feddie agency.

None of this means sh*t to Grodek though. He doesn’t even care anymore if the crew knows he’s a revenge-driven mutineer. I hate to say this, but the black guy with the funny hair has a point. All this is highly illegal and probably punishable by death, too. But this is Gundam, and in a world ruled by Gundam logic none of that matters. What matters is that you do what’s right and stand up for yourself when no one else has the morals, heart or guts to come along for the ride. So everyone listens to a little story initiated by Emily and go on along with the plan without much of any debate.

Oh well, logic aside at least things are moving at a decent clip. This looks like it is going to be a rather exciting first cour. Let’s get this doomed battle started!

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