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Gundam AGE ep6: Tell that son of a b*tch to get back in his hole!

There a quite a few different situations being woven throughout this episode. First, there’s Wolfe’s ambitions. He seems to have some mercenary/paramilitary friends who he appear to be giving him the hookup.

Then, there’s Captain Grodek who seems to be filling the role of the masked mystery character without having a mask. And speaking of ambition, he’s insanely ambitious right now. He just doesn’t seem to give a damn about much else except paying back the UE. I raised an eyebrow when he just put military secrets on the table of a war profiteer/warlord.

And now we get to my annoyance, which is the half of the episode that focused on Mr. Iwark and his daughter. I found it a little ridiculous that she just hauled off with Haro and in what appeared to be literally no time found her dumbass up in the surface. Thank the convenience (or contrivance) gods that he has his own POS worker mech. The moron goes and saves his daughter and then decides to commit suicide because he’s mad. That’s pretty stupid. Maybe not exactly Victory Gundam stupid, but stupid nonetheless.

It’s a good thing that fool didn’t die. I wouldn’t have felt too bad if he did though. Flit should have left the situation alone, but he is a kid and I can’t fault him for not letting someone making an incredibly stupid choice. He did pay for it though.

That new UE looked intimidating and pretty cool. I have not been a fan of the UE designs up until this point, but I have no problem with this one. Though it does make me worry for the crew of the Diva though. They have some potentially very good pilots on that ship, but their machines are far from on par with the UE, even the Gundam apparently. Extra warships or not, it looks like Godek is leading them into an ass whooping. Maybe all that is going on will help solidify their team and their firepower.

And finally, I know I didn’t mention Flit deciding to stay on the Diva and pissing off Emily. But did anyone consistently watching this show seriously think it was gonna play out any other way. This show may be trying some unique things, but discarding the lead character to a life of peace and obscurity by the seventh episode of a series isn’t one of them.

Now then, I’m off to play some Skyward Sword and catch up on some more anime. Good day to you all. Good day.

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