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#BreakBlade ep1: interesting concept, not so interesting characters, ugly mecha. But I’m intrigued. #anime

I could think of plenty of things to say in the negative, but honestly they’re all tiny and only worth mentioning should they pop up in later episodes. All and all the wonderful, smooth animation and the unique concept have my attention. I’m interested to see this alternate take on mecha. Instead of being powered by volatile, toxic and combustible chemicals and metals, they’re mastered by magicians, essentially.  It’s a strange thing to see humans evolve to manipulate quartz of all things. It seems so random. Seeing people roll around on those large segway like machines, seeing the soldiers and their mecha launch chunks of metal at each other as if using paintball guns. It’s especially surreal when comparing it to how our world works.

On the flip side, with the discovery of the “Under-Golem” (ugh, I hate these names. Under-Golem, un-sorcerer.) it seems quite clear that these are not humans set in some sort of alternate dimension, but that they’re supposed to be our decendants in a far flung future. The Under-Golem seems to be mostly constructed of materials we would be familiar with with a core that is vaguely remininscent of the technology they use. That part reminds me of Turn A Gundam. Lost technology coming to save the day, just without the crossdressing and gender identity problems that come along with that show.

As usual the show’s potential and reputation are what is keeping me watching this. The whole thing feels decent, not great. But anyway who has watched anime for a decent amount of time knows how slow shows can skyrocked into classics and shows with hot starts can fizzle out.

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