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DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: Sept. 12th (My Summer Vacation is Over, Thank God!)

It’s a miracle. I’ve stopped playing games and other forms of faffing about long enough to bang out a post! It may also help that the kids are back in school and this new budding sense of freedom has me excited.  Besides, summer isn’t exactly my ideal season.  Sure the beach was nice.  But the earthquakes and the tornadoes and the water spouts and the hurricanes… f*ck!  Someone on the east coast has somehow seriously pissed off Poseidon.  Oh well, it’s not my problem, yet.  It’s time for the images of the week.  I got ’em all this time. Anime, manga and the pervy pics!  Wooo!  Let’s do this.

Anime Images of the Week

It took me all summer, but I finally have a regular staple of series to stick with.  What’s even better is that I kept that staple small so it’s much easier to keep up with material (I learned my lesson well from the Fall 2010 season).  First up is Mawaru Penguindrum.  For the first seven episodes of the series I never really quite got it.  It was pretty; it was very unique.  It was even subtely and deceptively dark.  But the show was never enough of anything to keep me from just looking at and wondering the point.

It’s happening.  Penguindrum is finally breaking through I may be getting its genius, at last.  The show has been steadily improving and growing from episode and to episode and episode nine finally got me.  It was a nice trip to “hell” actually and Utena land and I can’t wait for more.

Such pretty art.

Then there’s Dantalian no Shoka.  It’s a show that I would categorize as being slightly above average.  It has reasonably interesting characters and premise.  Though I don’t think its reached its potential, nor has it consistently impressed me.  But it’s hit me hard a few impressive moments and I’m a sucker for those damn tsundere lolis.  Dalian is no Victorique, but she’s cute enough.

And at the bottom of the newly airing pile is Blood-C.  I’ve come to grips (especially after episodes eight and nine), that I’m probably watching a bad show.  The very first episode should’ve been a good hint and warning.  I haven’t been that bored in awhile.  But the way this show just so starkly contrasts itself between action and plot development makes me think that this show can only do one thing competently: murder people in extremely bloody, visceral combat.

The main character, Saya, drives me mad!  I don’t know what the f*ck they think they’re doing with her, but them CLAMPing her personality and making her inexplicably a statue while her friends and fellow citizens are murdered is getting real old.  Someone on MAL had a good theory (sorry dude, I don’t remember your handle) and stated that Saya probably is an Elder Bairn (or however the f*ck it’s spelled) herself, and needs human sacrifices to fully activate her powers.  I guess that would make sense because right now she is the WORST protector of anything I have ever seen.  This show is still recommendable, but only to the most violence loving people I know.

Oh yeah, and one more thing on the anime side of the blog post.  Tiger & Bunny is still awesome and is almost over.  If you’re not watching it then catch up!  Marathon that sh*t now!  I don’t  care if you haven’t started yet!  This show puts everything Madhouse has done with the Marvel material to shame.

Manga Images of the Week

I don’t care much for salad, except Caesar salad (shut up!).  But I love me some Honeymoon Salad.  I dare say it’s pervy, but right now it feels like labeling it that would be cheapening it.  Something about the show feels authentic, even in the preposterous situations that seem to pop up.  And I’m actually starved for some decent non-yuri and mature relationships in my anime watching and manga reading.

My Lovely Ghost Kana is a good compliment to the previously mentioned manga.  And that’s rather surprising considering that they don’t have much in common besides wanton heathen sexual interactions.  It’s just nice to read something that doesn’t involve haki, chakra, ki, reiatsu or GUTS every now and then.  I can tell I’m attached because I sense of dread comes over me anytime I think about the main characters being separated.  When your girlfriend’s a ghost a break up is a decidedly permanent thing.

Other than that it’s the usual compliment of Shounen Jump or shounen-style material continuing all of their very long arcs.  Naruto, Bleach, Claymore, One Piece and Hunter X Hunter.  Though I have to say I’m conflicted when it comes to Hunter X Hunter.  On one hand I’m very glad that this ridiculously long arc is finally ending.  On the other hand, I’m quite disappointed in how the arc ended up.  The manga-ka’s many elongated hiatuses killed any sense of pacing and excitement I had for the series.  And after having to do it multiple times my patience is very worn and thin.

Bleach would have to be my favorite arc of the current shounen titles right now.  Sure One Piece is starting its own penultimate battle, but after seeing Bleach and Ichigo fly under the radar for so long, it’s nice to see him and his comrades (not his buddies, Orihime, Chad and Ishida all suck) line up to smack down these upstart Fullbring bastards.  Yu Yu Hakusho comparisons or not, I’m having a lot of fun right now.  Plus Kenpachi‘s back!  Wooooo!  I love me some Kenpachi (not in the homosexual way, I’m just saying I like the way he kills *ahem*)!

Pervy Images of the Week

If not for Honeymoon Salad, things wouldn’t have been as pervy this week.  I didn’t get a chance to check out my pervy staples like Sundome, Yuria 100 Shiki or Nana to Kaoru.  That’s OK though, a subtler approach is in order.  And if the pervy images needed some spice I added Ringo’s (PenguinDrum) epic RAEP face as well.  I did include a random pic I came across while skimming Air Gear as well.  It looked too good to pass up.  Seriously, how could anyone pass up such a perfect ass?  But I’m not reading Air Gear at all.  Sorry, the queue is too large and I’m just not interested.

None of your damn business lady!

And I will remind everyone that the Pervy Images are in a “No Fapping Zone“.  You’ll keep your hands to yourself an— NO!  I mean don’t keep you hands to yourself!  Play a game!  Do some chores!  Just don’t masturbate while reading my blog!  I won’t have you defile it (or your monitor & keyboard) with your unpure thoughts.  Pervy images are purely aesthetic.  They are not tools for physical pleasure!

Well, that’s it for this week.  Hopefully I can keep this up.  We’ll just call this period of sporadic activity my summer blogging vacation and leave it at that.  I hope you guys stop by next time and afterward because I hope to have some surprises ready.

  1. September 12, 2011 at 20:02

    I kept my hands where you could see ’em, boss.

  2. September 17, 2011 at 15:42

    I kept my hands where you could see ’em, and they aren’t in my pants because I’m not wearing any.

    (That said, you’re out of school, right? Because normally people hate it when summer vacation is over ):

    • September 19, 2011 at 02:44

      That’s right. I have been away from that institution for some time. I’m now sending kids to school. That said, I’m not as old as some of those other anibloggers out there.

      As for the pants… I have no words. Technically you did abide by the letter of the law.

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